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Academy Award - Best Picture

No Sunrise — 5 years ago

Sunrise won for what is basically a combination of Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography. It has no business on this list. Some hipsters lame article does not change history. Leave it off.



Actually, it won “Best Picture: Unique and Artistic Production”, “Best Cinematography” and the female lead won for “Best Actress”. It was also nominated for “Best Art Direction”. In this year, there were two categories for Best Picture and two for Directing. Weird but true!

The more of these I’ve seen, the more I wish they’d left it that way… I think it’d be a more interesting list.

Many consider Sunrise and Wings as the winners of awards morphed into the Academy's Best Picture Award

“Best Picture: N/A (Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans and Wings received predecessor awards)”

It should be included on this list (although it’s better than many others listed here).

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