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Academy Award - Best Picture

Finished — 5 years ago

Finally! Wings and Cavalcade were holding me up for years on this, then finally I found them on torrents. Anyway, now I only have to watch one movie a year – just kidding, of course.


I finally finished my list as well. I’ve been working on my list for 3 years now. I only collect DVD’s and this has posed a problem for me. I had to order Cavalcade from Ebay from a seller from China. Since it has not been placed on DVD here in the states, I thought what can I loose since its only a buck. I received the purchase in about 2 weeks. It was a nice version and I only had to pay $1 for it, but shipping made the purchase a little over $8. I also had a hard time finding Rebecca. It is not the same cover art on this list, but a very nice copy. I had to buy it used on Ebay and it was $30 counting shipping. I am presently collecting Academy award winners for Actress, Supporting Actress, Actor and Supporting Actor.

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