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fish_beauty's "Fishb - Films/TV for teaching my ASD kid about social interaction & communication""

Untitled — 2 years ago

Great idea! Films were very important to my autistic (Asperger’s) daughter’s development. She had problems with sequencing and learned to follow a plot by watching the same movie over and over.

Have you found my list

http://www.listsofbests.com/list/81624-the-autism-spectrum-on-film ?


Great! I’ve added your list. This list that I started had a mix-up and I started a second one here


That I intend to add to. Eventually I’ll delete this one.

Hop on over to my link and add that one to your lists if you want.

I really do think that movies are ideal for some aspects of learning for ASD kids. Great minds think alike.

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