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The Radcliffe Publishing Course's "100 Best Novels of the 20th Century"

Not quite accurate. — 8 years ago

I remember when this list came out, and I know I’d remember if Tuck Everlasting was at the top of it. It’s not. Nor does Judy Blume ever make an appearance.

Here’s the list as published on the Random House homepage.


Somebody had co-opted the list and started changing it to her own set of favorites (probably not realizing she was overwriting the original list) — I noticed when I didn’t recognize one of the list names on my “Your Lists” page. I started changing it back (fixed the title, deleted the first few erroneous items — this was at the top of the list!!) but didn’t get to finish. So thanks for fixing the rest!

No problem! I figured something like that had happened. Thanks for getting the right books back to the top of the list.

It’s still not quite in the right order, but I can probably fix that today. Putting it together is a pleasantly bookish puzzle.

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