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Dr. Peter Boxall's "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (2006 edition)"

changed list?! — 2 years ago

whoa! who changed the list?! again?! some of the books are now on here twice, some I had marked as read were unmarked – what the heck?


Reviewed the List

I don’t know if you went through and fixed some of the list, but when I just went through all that was wrong were the 2 books added at the end. Perhaps someone changed the editions of the books that you’d marked. :(

I’ve always thought the devs should have all the editions linked together, so even if an edition is changed it wouldn’t alter you “progress” with the list.

It might even cut down on how much the list is altered, too, but perhaps if that wasn’t a lot of work it would already function that way. It’s too bad.

I use this website less and less because it’s impossible to actually finish a list and have it remain finished.

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