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Gerald Peary's "100 Films For Film Literacy"

What is Whose Home Is This Anyway? — 6 years ago

The final film on Peary’s list is given as “Whose Home is This Anyway?”

I find no such film in IMDb. Perhaps this is a title translation issue.

To what film does this refer?


I don't know as I haven't seen Peary's original list, but

I can guess (perhaps as well as you have already) that this refers to Kiarostami’s Where Is the Friend’s Home? (1987).

That's a good guess

Sounds like a very likely guess — I just looked it up and that seesm a pretty accurate title translation.

Though it is a surprising choice from Kiarostami’s films.

I wish more early Kiarostami was available — I have only seen his major films since Close-Up in 1990. Taste of Cherry is one of my top personal favorites, but he is such a master.

Actually Just saw this

And it is a nice early film of K’s — you can see some of his later themes and devices (the pointless going up and down hills for instance) in it.

But the Farsi title clearly should be translated “Where is my friend’s house?” (or home) — the title translation in Peary’s list is clearly off the mark.

Actually, I'm baffled.

On his own website, Peary places this film in the category of 1990s films. Where is the Friend’s Home? is from 1987. Peary gives no further explanation as to what film he refers, and even googling this title brings up absolutely nothing film-related.

It strikes me as rather slipshod on Peary’s part!

In fact, I find it amazing, even a little amusing, that you are the only person to bring this up! Out of the 257 people who have added this list, no one else noticed this non-existent (or, if not, extremely obscure) film among the other classics??

I suspect that Peary is using an idiosyncratic translation of something (his own interpretation or outright mistake, or something he read in an early press kit). Either that or it’s his own brother’s 8mm effort!

It is the Kiarostami Film

I contacted the site and Gerald replied today :)

“Whose Home is it anyway”=“Where’s my friend’s home”!

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