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XXX=Seen it

Funny Face

V for Vendetta

Dracula 2000

West Side Story XXX

Superman Returns XXX

Singin in the Rain (is that a movie? or is that just the song?)

White Christmas

Garden State

The Lake HouseXXX



All the Harry P.’s X

Over the HedgeXXX

The Wild

Indianna Jones: Temple of Doom

Chicken LittleXXX



Beowulf and Grendel

King Arthur

Tears of the Sun

Behind Enemy Lines

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Created by The Narrator on Sep 14, 2006.


finished some — 6 years ago

Superman Returns (pretty good. must see again)

The Lake House (Boring)

Over the Hedge (fun, adult issues. blech)

Chicken Little (so cute! I loved it)

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