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Costa Rica’s closeness with nature and ecological consciousness is no secret – in fact the nation has emerged as a mecca for eco travel and has specified that 25% of it’s land will be considered forestry reserves and federal parks. It is also a nation with a long historic past of democracy and a robust social web contributing to the satisfaction of its people.<br /><br />Having never been one to follow the pack, Costa Rica disbanded it’s army in the late 40s to redirect the cost savings in to an exemplary medical care system and revolutionary academic field. As the leader in eco-conscious travel, Costa Rica is readily emerging as the goto travel location for people seeking a more eco-friendly experience – and additionally that adventure factor with a variety of adrenaline pumping tour attractions to get the heart racing. Its fascinating beauty, stable democracy, healthier way of life and social system also have combined to enable it to be one of the most preferred retirement and investment areas in the Americas.<br /><br />It was not all that long ago when MSNBC called the http://www.costaricarealestate.com costa rica real estate for sale sector one of the hottest on the planet – with help of this extraordinary media plug, the interest would continue to rise until around 2007 when the world crisis would hit Costa Rica. With such a short length of the effects of the crisis, Costa Rica has since recuperated and is well on it’s path to their once booming Costa Rica real estate marketplace.<br /><br />First indicators are showing us an emergent commercial boom could be upon us with an outstanding rise in development of mega malls and shopping places spanning all areas of the Central Valley. Avenida and Multiplaza Escazu are expanding which verifies the position that commercial Costa Rica real estate is becoming increasingly popular. In another illustration of the sprawling commercial sector – City Mall – a shopping centre development bigger than Multiplaza Escazu, is supposed to be done by 2014.<br /><br />City Mall, that is getting constructed in the area of Alajuela, claims upwards of 185,000 square metres In a superb turn, the City Mall would ultimately sell out at full-capacity as a consequence of the incredible marketing of the builder to infamous international brands. Costa Ricans are waiting for the ten theatres City Mall will offer – all of which will provide the latest in movie theatre technological advances such as 4D.<br /><br />As the expert since 1996, CRREC has stood as a beacon of stability and trust within the Costa Rica real estate market place. Offering the greatest range of real estate for sale in Costa Rica, CRREC delivers everything from commercial real estate to residential and raw land.<br /><br />With the Central Valley exploding in sales which consequently has builders running around to try and keep up with demand, the very same can probably be said for Guanacaste where they are receiving somewhat of an influx in interest because of an expanding medical tourism arena which has done well for localized businesses through out the area. So to satisfy demand, builders in Guanacaste are constructing developments to support this valuable industry of medical tourists looking for very affordable medical procedures.<br /><br />With such encouraging signs, the future of the Costa Rica real estate market looks brilliant.

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