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In April 2003 the BBC’s Big Read began the search for the nation’s best-loved novel, and we asked you to nominate your favourite books.

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  1. 1.
    The Lord of the Rings (3 Volumes)
    by J. R. R. Tolkien

  2. 2.
    Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics)
    by Jane Austen

  3. 4.
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    by Douglas Adams

  4. 5.
    Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
    by J.K. Rowling

  5. 6.
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    by Harper Lee

  6. 7.
    Winnie-the-Pooh (Pooh Original Edition)
    by A. A. Milne

  7. 8.
    Nineteen Eighty-Four (Penguin Modern Classics)
    by George Orwell

  8. 10.
    Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics)
    by Charlotte Brontë

  9. 11.
    by Joseph Heller

  10. 12.
    Wuthering Heights (Classic Novels Series)
    by Emily Bronte

  11. 13.
    Birdsong: A Novel of Love and War
    by Sebastian Faulks

  12. 14.
    by Daphne Du Maurier

  13. 15.
    The Catcher in the Rye
    by J. D. Salinger

  14. 16.
    The Wind in the Willows
    by Kenneth Grahame

  15. 17.
    Great Expectations (Penguin Classics)
    by Charles Dickens

  16. 18.
    Little Women (Signet Classics)
    by Louisa May Alcott

  17. 19.
    Captain Corelli's Mandolin
    by Louis de Bernieres

  18. 20.
    War and Peace (Oxford World's Classics)
    by Leo Tolstoy

  19. 21.
    Gone with the Wind
    by Margaret Mitchell

  20. 22.
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)
    by J.K. Rowling

  21. 23.
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)
    by J. K. Rowling

  22. 24.
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3)
    by J. K. Rowling

  23. 25.
    The Hobbit
    by J.R.R. Tolkien

  24. 26.
    Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Penguin Classics)
    by Thomas Hardy

  25. 27.
    Middlemarch (Signet Classics)
    by George Eliot

  26. 28.
    A Prayer for Owen Meany (Modern Library)
    by John Irving

  27. 29.
    The Grapes of Wrath (Centennial Edition)
    by John Steinbeck

  28. 30.
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    by Lewis Carroll

  29. 31.
    The Story of Tracy Beaker
    by Jacqueline Wilson

  30. 32.
    One Hundred Years of Solitude
    by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  31. 33.
    The Pillars of the Earth
    by Ken Follett

  32. 34.
    David Copperfield (Modern Library Classics)
    by Charles Dickens

  33. 35.
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    by Roald Dahl

  34. 36.
    Treasure Island (Kingfisher Classics)
    by Robert Louis Stevenson

  35. 37.
    Town Like Alice (New Windmill)
    by Nevil Shute

  36. 38.
    Persuasion (Penguin Classics)
    by Jane Austen

  37. 39.
    Dune, 40th Anniversary Edition (Dune Chronicles, Book 1)
    by Frank Herbert

  38. 40.
    Emma (Penguin Classics)
    by Jane Austen

  39. 41.
    Anne of Green Gables (Signet Classics)
    by L. M. Montgomery

  40. 42.
    Watership Down (Puffin Books)
    by Richard Adams

  41. 43.
    The Great Gatsby
    by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  42. 44.
    The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics)
    by Alexandre Dumas père

  43. 45.
    Brideshead Revisited
    by Evelyn Waugh

  44. 46.
    Animal Farm
    by George Orwell

  45. 47.
    A Christmas Carol
    by Charles Dickens

  46. 48.
    Far from the Madding Crowd (Signet Classics)
    by Thomas Hardy

  47. 49.
    Goodnight Mister Tom
    by Michelle Magorian

  48. 50.
    Shell Seekers
    by Rosamunde Pilcher

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Old list is back — 7 years ago

I made this list because the old one had disappeared. now the old list is back, but i will keep this list up as well. This list should not have collections listed in the place of a single book, as the original list does in some places.

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