Best Metal Albums Of All Time


Heavy Metal originated from blues and psychedelic rock, and burst into the music scene and made its presence known – loudly. Characterized by its sharp, masculine and massive sounds, its sheer power and intensity has won over countless fans and spurred the growth of many successful bands including Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and countless others. Here we have curated the greatest, loudest, most musical albums metal-heads have ever had the pleasure of rocking out. Rest assured that every single title here will have you headbanging for hours on end. Enjoy, and rock to your heart’s content.

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Iron Maiden

The seventh studio album by Iron Maiden, this album released in 1988 by EMI is the first album to feature keyboards. It sounds incredible epic and fast paced.

Bonded by Blood


The debut album from Exodus was released  under Combat Records. It was delayed to a 1985 release due to red tape. It marks the grand entry of thrash legend Exodus onto the world stage and packed full of raw power and masculinity.

Blackwater Park


Incredibly imaginative, emotionally intense album was released in 2001, manages to feature numerous well-polished songs.

Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk


This album was made available in 2004, and it boasts a unconventionally high standard of production while staying true to Norwegian Black Metal.

Rust in Peace


Released in 1990 by Capitol Records, this classic is an all-time favorite, the state of the art in its time.

British Steel

Judas Priest

With its release in 1980 by Columbia Records, this is an unmistakable classic.


Iron Maiden

Making its grand entrance in 1984, backed by EMI Records, this album brims with immediacy and euphoria.

Still Life


Released relatively recently in 2008 by Peaceville, this album never fails to delight with its melodic riffs and diverse yet seamless musical flow.



Released in 1995 by Roadrunner Records, this album packs unbelievably good solos.

Images and Words

Dream Theater

Released in 1992 by Atco Records, this album perfectly fuses lyrics and melody into an unconventional, yet cohesive whole.

Seasons in the Abyss


Under label Def American, this album released in 1992, awed countless metal fans.

Among the Living


Released in 1987 by Metal Records, this album is filled with raw emotions, honesty, and throbbing energy.

And Justice for All


Fourth studio album by Metallica released 1988 under Elektra Records, this album carries a meaningful message and marks the entry of bassist Jason Newsted.

Blizzard of Ozz

Ozzy Osbourne

Released 1980, this was Osbourne’s first title following his departure from Black Sabbath. Excellent guitar work combines with Osbourne’s original style makes this a must-listen.



One of the earlier albums, this title released under Polydor in 1976 was a huge influence on the Metal Industry, and would then go on to inspire countless new styles.



Released in 2001 by Volcano Records, this album plays with dynamic and tension to great success, making its long wait more than worth it.

Sad Wings of Destiny

Judas Priest

Released by Gull Records in 1976, the dramatic shifts in texture, tempo and mood make this a masterful composition.


Black Sabbath

Released in 1970, this is a true metal classic. Not only did it inspire many others to pick up their guitars, but its originality and flow also makes this an all time favorite.

Reign in Blood


Released 1986 under Def American, is is arguably one of the trashiest, loudest and metal-like album ever created.

Ride The Lightning


Released 1984 under label Elektra, this album will appeal to many for its overall musicality and polish.

The Number of the Beast

Iron Maiden

Incredibly melodic, yet staying true to the metal genre, this album released 1982 under label EMI is controversial, yet successful.

Vulgar Display of Power


Released by Eastwest in 1992, everything about this album screams metal, from its title to the powerful, pulverizing rhythms.

Master of Puppets


Released under Elektra records in 1986, this album houses some of the most influential and amazing pieces ever heard.

Ace of Spades


Released under Bronze Records in 1980, Lemmy Kilmister’s crusty band of outlaws arguably delivered their definitive career statement.

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

The birthplace of heavy metal, this album released in 1970 is an absolute classic and must hear for metal lovers.


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