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  1. 1.
    Mists of Avalon
    by n/a

  2. 2.
    The World According to Garp
    by John Irving

  3. 3.
    A Confederacy of Dunces
    by John Kennedy Toole

  4. 5.
    The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
    by James Redfield

  5. 6.
    A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
    by Dave Eggers

  6. 7.
    The Prince of Tides: A Novel
    by Pat Conroy

  7. 8.
    A Million Little Pieces
    by James Frey

  8. 9.
    Arbor Alma/the Giving Tree (Latin Edition)
    by Shel Silverstein

  9. 10.

  10. 11.
    The Da Vinci Code
    by Dan Brown

  11. 12.
    Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon)
    by Dan Brown

  12. 13.
    Are You There God? It's Me Margaret
    by Judy Blume

  13. 14.
    Superfudge (New York Times)
    by Judy Blume

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Created by jennaluna on Jan 30, 2007.


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