ArtechokeMonster's "Comic Books that make me glad humanity exists."

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  1. 1.
    Absolute Planetary Book One
    by Warren Ellis

  2. 2.
    The Walking Dead, Book One (Book 1)
    by Robert Kirkman

  3. 3.
    Blue Monday, Vol. 1: The Kids Are Alright (v. 1)
    by Chyanna Clugston-Major

  4. 5.
    Absolute DC: The New Frontier
    by Darwyn Cooke

  5. 6.
    Watchmen (Absolute Edition)
    by Alan Moore

  6. 7.
    Starman: Sons of the Father (Book 10)
    by James Robinson

  7. 8.
    Powers Vol. 1: Who Killed Retro Girl?
    by Brian Michael Bendis

  8. 9.
    Ultimate Spider-Man Collection
    by Brian Michael Bendis

  9. 10.
    X-Force: Famous, Mutant & Mortal (X-Men) (X-Statix)
    by Peter Milligan

  10. 11.
    JLA (Book 1): New World Order
    by Grant Morrison

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Created by ArtechokeMonster on Mar 19, 2007.


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