ian dennis's "1001 things to do before you die"

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This is the original list of 1001 things I believe everyone should do.

From babies to extreme sports, films to books, the things you never thought of and the things you always wanted to do, these are the things that could complete a life.

If you complete all these things you can not just change your life, but the life of others through the many inspirational goals, the challenging goals and the goals that will make everyone laugh.

There are so many goals here that can help shape the world…sponser a child for example. If everyone doing this list sponsers a child, thats a new bunch of children that will be educated, have food, fresh water and more. If everyone gives blood that could be one more life saved, that wouldnt have been saved if it hadn’t of happened.

If everyone becomes an organ doner thats an aweful lot of people saved.

So you see, this list isn’t just going to affect you, it is going to affect the people around you, the community you live in and the world.

Love a little, live a little and take this list, fulfill as much of it as you can, if not all of it and have FUN, because life isn’t going to be worth living if you dont have fun.

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  1. 201.
    visit a museum

  2. 202.
    visit an art gallery

  3. 204.
    Read The Lord of The Rings

  4. 205.
    Read every harry potter book

  5. 207.
    get completely soaked in the rain

  6. 208.
    run a mile

  7. 209.

  8. 210.

  9. 212.
    drive the alaska canadian highway

  10. 213.
    do a strip tease/lap dance

  11. 214.
    call in sick - when you're not

  12. 215.
    track down/look up an old friend

  13. 216.
    catch a snowflake on my tongue

  14. 217.
    make an infant laugh/smile

  15. 218.
    swim in each of the seven seas

  16. 219.
    Take a mud bath

  17. 221.
    bathe a baby/child

  18. 223.
    join a gym

  19. 224.

  20. 226.
    build something out of wood

  21. 227.
    recite the alphabet backwards

  22. 228.
    visit a 3rd world country

  23. 230.
    make my own sushi

  24. 232.
    have my palm read

  25. 233.

  26. 234.
    witness a birth

  27. 235.
    pull off an april fools prank

  28. 236.
    play scrabble... and win.

  29. 237.
    ride a gondola in Venice

  30. 238.
    Roast marshmallows

  31. 239.
    make paper dolls

  32. 240.

  33. 241.
    swim in the rain at night

  34. 242.
    line dance

  35. 243.
    inspire someone

  36. 244.
    start a trend

  37. 245.
    go to a prom/formal

  38. 249.
    pole dance

  39. 250.
    play strip poker

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Created by ian dennis on Feb 28, 2008.


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