Best Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time

best romantic comedy movies of all time

Our Genuine List Of The Best Romantic Comedy Movies

Throughout this apparently tumultuous time, the plot remains funny and tickling by presenting some ridiculous events, ideas or consequences. Modern versions may be a little modified, but it is essentially of the same characteristic. Among thousands of romantic comedy films made in the industry for more than a century, the following are top handpicked films you can relate. Watch with your soulmate in dim light with a tub of popcorn, entwined in each other’s arms.

We will update our lists from time to time, so don’t forget to leave a comment if you think a movie should be on this list. Here is the list of our best romantic comedy movies so far.

Annie Hall

While addressing to a group of his audience directly, Comedian Alvy Singer recounts how he met nightclub singer Annie Hall, fell in love and underwent a tumult of highs and lows in their relationship. It was a broad spectrum of happy, sad, funny, witty, bitter and essentially every little emotion one can ever have.

Director: Woody Allen
Year: 1977

When Harry Met Sally

Harry Burns and Sally Albright meets ten long years after the long car to New York where they had contemplated whether a relationship can be strictly platonic.

Director: Rob Reiner
Year: 1989


The city of Paris has a small world inside itself. The one that a waitress Amélie creates around herself and the person she adores by sending him pictures and riddles for orchestrating a beautiful, imaginative and passionate love story in the romance capital of the world.

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Year: 2001

The Princess Bride

A perfect fairy tale story captivated in a movie, this story depicts the predictable rescue of the damsel in distress and the blossom of pure love among two young hearts. But it is endlessly romantic and is watchable with the rest of the family. The struggle against all the evils in the Kingdom of Florin and love coming out victorious does not take a grave tone but manages to color the mood with happiness and a little humor too.

Director: Rob Reiner
Year: 1987

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Clementine erases all her memory about Joel and being in love with him, acting on an ‘impulse’. Heartbroken, Joel decides to do the same. Little does he realize that the pain with loss of her memory will become unbearable. Additionally, with Joel, a handful of other people also start to experience the bittersweet truths of the past which the memory removing procedure had imposed on them.

Director: Michel Gondry
Year: 2004

Say Anything

A love story is not fulfilled only with the boy and the girl; the divorced, extremely possessive father also has to be involved. Lloyd and Diane try to embark on their first relationship in life, but it will take more than just love to bring her father around for his approval.

Director: Cameron Crowe
Year: 1989

Four Weddings and a Funeral

A young handsome British man, Charles comes across a beautiful American lady, Carrie in several nuptials and also a funeral service, before he starts to believe that she might be the one to complete his life with the missing romance and everlasting love.

Director: Mike Newell
Year: 1994

The Philadelphia Story

A classic love quadrangle, a Philadelphian elite Tracy Lord, must decide whom she has real feelings for her ex-husband Dexter, reporter Connor or her new fiancee Kittredge. Through intellectual philosophies, a funny turn of events and the dilemma of torn loyalty, the film portrays a woman’s journey to becoming a strong self-fulfilling woman.

Director: George Cukor
Year: 1940

Pretty Woman

Professional business person Edward makes a trip to L.A. and hires a prostitute Vivian to fulfill the role of his girlfriend during a weekend. However, the two gets closer and faces a series of obstacles that they have to overcome to discover their inner feelings, the modern ‘Cinderella’ style.

Director: Garry Marshall
Year: 1990

Harold and Maude

A romantic relationship develops under the prying eyes of the society between a disillusioned young lad Harold and an 80-year-old eccentric lady Maude. Though the most unlikely of pairing, the understanding between them captures the hearts of the audience and make this movie a cult classic.

Director: Hal Ashby
Year: 1971

The Shop Around the Corner

Another James Stewart classic romantic comedy. It features the growing attraction and pining between two pen pals, without the knowledge that they both worked in the same shop in Budapest and did not see eye to eye on any matter. A trail of comical events and the beautiful blossoming of love unwittingly melted their strong business hearts, but will they ever be united?

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Year: 1940

You’ve Got Mail

A modernized version of ‘The Shop Around the Corner’ portrays two business rivals across the same street who fall in love through emails, completely oblivious to their real identities. One of them eventually finds out and now sees the whole situation from an entirely new perspective.

Director: Nora Ephron
Year: 1998

Love Actually

Love can come in many complex forms, nine to be exact. A newly elected British Prime Minister with a junior staffer, graphic designer and her mentally ill brother, and secret temptations of married people all have different stories to tell. Overpowering but never impossible, “Love Actually” is Curtis’ one of the best-delivered films about love.

Director: Richard Curtis
Year: 2003

Bridget Jones’s Diary

When one takes control of her life, a lot of things can go right or horribly wrong. Bridget starts keeping a diary from the beginning of New Year noting details about every single thing in her life, starting with work, food, sleep, exercise to men, sex and requiring real love.

Director: Sharon Maguire
Year: 2001

500 Days of Summer

Tom is a greeting card designer and a romantic at heart. But his life suddenly turns upside down when his girlfriend Summer leaves him for good. Reflecting on the 500 days of their relationship, Tom realizes his dreams and passions and strives to pursue his goal relentlessly to change the tedious monotony of his life.

Director: Marc Webb
Year: 2009

Knocked Up

Journalist Alison Scott has an irresponsible one night stand with Ben Stone and discovers she is pregnant. Instead of writing him off the book, she pines on whether they could become life partners. She decides to give him a chance to prove that he is ready to be a father though he is far off from it.

Director: Judd Apatow
Year: 2007

Silver Linings Playbook

Pat has just got released from a mental institution and has started living with his parents. In a bid to reconstruct his life and make him reconcile with his wife, Tiffany agrees to help him, only if he will do something important for her in exchange.

Director: David O. Russell
Year: 2012


Juno is pregnant, and she is only a teenager. She decides to give her unborn child for adoption to a failed rock star and his wife. But the prospective father sees both his marriage and the adoption undergo a tumult when he begins to regard Juno as more than just a mother.

Director: Jason Reitman
Year: 2007

Sleepless in Seattle

Widower Sam Baldwin shifts to Seattle with his son Jonah. A reporter in Baltimore, Annie hears Jonah on the radio where he speaks of finding his father a new wife to make him happy, and also Sam, who begrudgingly discusses his feelings about it. Annie falls for Sam and requests him to meet at the top of Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day, unaware and unsure of the consequences.

Director: Nora Ephron
Year: 1993

Jerry Maguire

A fired sports agent Jerry Maguire and single mother Dorothy Boyd start a management firm and establish a business relationship. They fall in love with each other, which may affect their sole work of supporting the football player Rod Tidwell, and in a startling turn of events, their lives change.

Director: Cameron Crowe
Year: 1996


Wall-E is the last robot on now inhospitable Earth, where he has found a single sapling and has decided to preserve it. Churning out crumpled waste is only his day job, until he meets a probe EVE and falls for her. But to remain with her, Wall-E takes a hike to a space colony where further developments prove to give a better future for all the humans by returning to their home planet.

Director: Andrew Stanton
Year: 2008

As Good As It Gets

A romantic comedy writer looks after his neighbor’s dog and instead of his harsh, stern previous self, he begins to soften. He looks at life from a whole new perspective. Reveling in his new nature, he tries to spark romance between him and the only waitress at the local diner who serves him.

Director: James L. Brooks
Year: 1997

Notting Hill

A chance meeting between an average bookstore owner and a famous actress turns into a full-fledged relationship. Now they must make ends meet by identifying themselves in each other’s drastically different lives.

Director: Roger Michell
Year: 1999

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Andy Stitzer is a 40-year-old single, timid man who loves video games and collects action figures for a hobby, and not surprisingly, was still a virgin. Working at a big-box store, he is extremely shy around female customers. When his friend David pushes him to have sex with someone, he begins to court local shopkeeper Trish and finally involve in a tentative romance.

Director: Judd Apatow
Year: 2005

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best friends Julianne and Michael had a deal; if either one were single by 28, they would marry each other. Now just before her 28th birthday, Julianne realizes that she has fallen in love with him when Michael declares he is going to marry a beautiful woman named Kimberly.

Director: P. J. Hogan
Year: 1997


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