They Shoot Pictures, Don't They - The 1000 Greatest Films (December 2008 edition)

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"Well, here we go again. We’ve spent another baffling year sifting (sometimes aimlessly) through film polls and best-of film ballots, collating them, weighting them and, hey presto, here are the goddamn results. Are we unclassifiable dorks of a rather specific nature, or are we highly valued film patrons providing a harmless little public service? The truth, we’d say, lies somewhere in between. The fact remains, however, that we enjoy chugging this out once a year, and the mostly nice words and feedback we get makes it all worthwhile. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new list and the more time-reducing (for us, that is) compact presentation. As always, we would love to hear any feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) you have on this ongoing project.

"The December 2008 list of the 1,000 Greatest Films of all-time has primarily been compiled by using 1,825 individual critics’ and filmmakers’ best-films-of-all-time lists/ballots. That’s 221 more ballots than our December 2007 list. Angel Gonzalez Garcia has continued to provide us with many ballots, as have many others. A warm thank you to everyone that has contributed and/or lent their support towards the current version."

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  1. 851.
    Ballad of Narayama [Region 2]
    by Shohei Imamura

  2. 852.
    Lost Highway (2 DVD Special Edition) [Region 2 Import]
    by David Lynch

  3. 853.
    Le Boucher [1969] [DVD]
    by Claude Chabrol

  4. 855.
    Purple Noon
    by René Clément

  5. 856.
    Days of Being Wild
    by Kar Wai Wong

  6. 857.
    The Unfaithful Wife (La Femme infidèle)
    by Claude Chabrol

  7. 858.
    The Childhood of Maxim Gorky
    by Mark Donskoy

  8. 859.
    Touki Bouki
    by Djibril Diop Mambéty

  9. 861.
    The Man in the White Suit
    by Alexander Mackendrick

  10. 862.
    Judex (1963)

  11. 863.
    Black Orpheus (The Criterion Collection)
    by Marcel Camus

  12. 864.
    Eternity and a Day
    by Theo Angelopoulos

  13. 865.
    The Getaway (Deluxe Edition)
    by Sam Peckinpah

  14. 866.
    Rocker (1972)
    by Klaus Lemke

  15. 867.
    The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover
    by Peter Greenaway

  16. 868.
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    by Frank Capra

  17. 869.
    3 Women (The Criterion Collection)
    by Robert Altman

  18. 870.
    by Alfred Hitchcock

  19. 871.
    The Celebration
    by Thomas Vinterberg

  20. 872.
    The Royal Tenenbaums (The Criterion Collection)
    by Wes Anderson

  21. 874.
    Night Moves
    by Arthur Penn

  22. 875.
    By the Bluest of Seas (1936)
    by Boris Barnet

  23. 876.
    The Year of Living Dangerously
    by Peter Weir

  24. 877.
    Harakiri (The Criterion Collection)
    by Masaki Kobayashi

  25. 878.
    From Here to Eternity
    by Fred Zinnemann

  26. 879.
    Dangerous Liaisons
    by Stephen Frears

  27. 880.
    Radio Days
    by Woody Allen

  28. 881.
    Gold Diggers of 1933
    by Mervyn LeRoy

  29. 882.
    Too Early, Too Late (Trop tot, trop tard)
    by Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet

  30. 883.
    Grey Gardens (The Criterion Collection)
    by Albert Maysles

  31. 884.
    The Saga of Gosta Berling
    by Mauritz Stiller

  32. 885.
    Burnt by the Sun. Utomlennye Solncem.
    by Nikita Mihalkov

  33. 886.
    Fallen Angels
    by Wong Kar-Wai

  34. 887.
    Rose Hobart (1936 short)
    by Joseph Cornell

  35. 889.
    The Ceremony/Gishiki
    by Nagisa Oshima

  36. 890.
    L'Amour Fou
    by Jacques Rivette

  37. 891.
    The Virgin Spring (The Criterion Collection)
    by Ingmar Bergman

  38. 892.
    Kwaidan (The Criterion Collection)
    by Masaki Kobayashi

  39. 893.
    Il Posto (The Criterion Collection)
    by Ermanno Olmi

  40. 894.
    Bend of the River
    by Anthony Mann

  41. 895.
    by John Boorman

  42. 896.
    Wild River [Region 2]
    by Elia Kazan

  43. 897.
    Yesterday Girl
    by Alexander Kluge

  44. 898.
    Starship Troopers (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]
    by Paul Verhoeven

  45. 899.
    Leave Her to Heaven
    by John M. Stahl

  46. 900.
    Lucifer Rising
    by Kenneth Anger

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