The Observer's "100 greatest novels of all time"

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Published 12 October 2003

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  1. 1.
    Don Quixote (Modern Library Classics)
    by Miguel de Cervantes

  2. 2.
    The Pilgrim's Progress (Signet Classics)
    by John Bunyan

  3. 3.
    Robinson Crusoe (Penguin Classics)
    by Daniel Defoe

  4. 4.
    Gulliver’s Travels
    by Jonathan Swift

  5. 5.
    Tom Jones (Modern Library Classics)
    by Henry Fielding

  6. 8.
    Les Liaisons dangereuses (Oxford World's Classics)
    by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

  7. 9.
    Emma (Oxford World's Classics)
    by Jane Austen

  8. 10.
    Frankenstein (Penguin Classics)
    by Mary Shelley

  9. 11.
    Nightmare Abbey & Crotchet Castle (Penguin English Library El 45)
    by Thomas Love Peacock

  10. 12.
    The Black Sheep (Penguin Classics)
    by Honoré de Balzac

  11. 13.
    The Charterhouse of Parma (Modern Library Classics)
    by Stendhal

  12. 14.
    The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics)
    by Alexandre Dumas père

  13. 15.
    Sybil, or the Two Nations
    by Benjamin Disraeli

  14. 16.
    David Copperfield (Modern Library Classics)
    by Charles Dickens

  15. 17.
    Wuthering Heights (Everyman's Library (Cloth))
    by Emily Bronte

  16. 18.
    Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics)
    by Charlotte Brontë

  17. 19.
    Vanity Fair (Penguin Classics)
    by William Makepeace Thackeray

  18. 20.
    The Scarlet Letter (Modern Library Classics)
    by Nathaniel Hawthorne

  19. 21.
    Moby Dick (Oxford World's Classics)
    by Herman Melville

  20. 22.
    Madame Bovary (Oxford World's Classics)
    by Gustave Flaubert

  21. 23.
    The Woman in White (Penguin Classics)
    by Wilkie Collins

  22. 24.
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Sterling Classics)
    by Lewis Carroll

  23. 25.
    Little Women (Penguin Classics)
    by Louisa May Alcott

  24. 26.
    The Way We Live Now (Penguin Classics)
    by Anthony Trollope

  25. 27.
    Anna Karenina (Signet Classics)
    by Leo Tolstoy

  26. 28.
    Daniel Deronda (Modern Library Classics)
    by George Eliot

  27. 29.
    The Brothers Karamazov
    by Fyodor Dostoevsky

  28. 30.
    The Portrait of a Lady (Penguin Classics)
    by Henry James

  29. 31.
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Penguin Classics)
    by Mark Twain

  30. 32.
    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
    by Robert Louis Stevenson

  31. 33.

  32. 35.
    Diary of a Nobody (Penguin Classics)
    by George Grossmith

  33. 36.
    Jude the Obscure (Penguin Classics)
    by Thomas Hardy

  34. 37.
    The Riddle of the Sands (Modern Library Classics)
    by Erskine Childers

  35. 38.
    The Call of the Wild (Aladdin Classics)
    by Jack London

  36. 39.
    Nostromo (Dover Thrift Editions)
    by Joseph Conrad

  37. 40.
    The Wind in the Willows (Sterling Unabridged Classics)
    by Kenneth Grahame

  38. 41.
    Finding Time Again (In Search of Lost Time 6) (v. 6)
    by Marcel Proust

  39. 42.
    The Rainbow: Cambridge Lawrence Edition (Penguin Classics)
    by D. H. Lawrence

  40. 43.
    The Good Soldier (Norton Critical Editions)
    by Ford Madox Ford

  41. 44.
    The Thirty-Nine Steps (Penguin Classics)
    by John Buchan

  42. 45.
    Ulysses (Penguin Modern Classics)
    by James Joyce

  43. 46.
    Mrs. Dalloway
    by Virginia Woolf

  44. 47.
    A Passage to India (Penguin Classics)
    by E. M. Forster

  45. 48.
    The Great Gatsby (Scribner Classics)
    by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  46. 49.
    The Trial
    by Franz Kafka

  47. 50.
    Men Without Women
    by Ernest Hemingway

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Why bother to throw in a few token non-English language novels? — 6 years ago

This list is so utterly skewed toward English-language novels— why not just get rid of the token few and call it that: the Best English-Language Novels? Otherwise, the list becomes a laughable representation of the best novels of world literature.

Untitled — 7 years ago

The list is in chronological order as published in The Observer (author Robert McCrum 12 October 2003).

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