Prometheus Award for Best Novel

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In 1979, science fiction writer L. Neil Smith created the Prometheus Awards, to honor libertarian fiction. A panel selected F. Paul Wilson’s Wheels Within Wheels as the best novel, and a gold coin then worth $2,500 was presented to Wilson. Due to the cost of the award, and lack of a formal organization, the Prometheus Awards fell into limbo the following year.

Founded in 1982 to provide encouragement to science fiction writers whose books examine the meaning of freedom, the Libertarian Futurist Society revived the Prometheus Award for best libertarian novel of the year. LFS began in 1982 sponsoring the annual Prometheus Award for Best Novel, and in 1983 a second annual award called the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award was added. The Prometheus Hall of Fame Award is designed to honor classic libertarian fiction.

The prize for both the Prometheus and the Hall of Fame awards is a gold coin, representing free trade and free minds, mounted on an engraved plaque. Originally, for the Prometheus Best Novel Award the coin was one-half ounce, for the Hall of Fame it was one-eighth ounce. Starting in 2001, the Prometheus Best Novel Award coin became one ounce.

  1. 1979
    Wheels within Wheels
    by F. Paul Wilson

  2. 1982
    The Probability Broach
    by L. Neil Smith

  3. 1983
    Voyage From Yesteryear
    by James P. Hogan

  4. 1984
    The Rainbow Cadenza
    by J. Neil Schulman

  5. 1986
    Cybernetic Samurai
    by Victor Milan

  6. 1987
    Marooned in Realtime (Peace War)
    by Vernor Vinge

  7. 1988
    The Jehovah Contract
    by Victor Koman

  8. 1989
    Moon of Ice
    by Brad Linaweaver

  9. 1990
    Solomon's Knife
    by Victor Koman

  10. 1991
    In the Country of the Blind
    by Michael Flynn

  11. 1992
    Fallen Angels
    by Larry Niven

  12. 1993
    The Multiplex Man
    by James P. Hogan

  13. 1994
    by L. Neil Smith

  14. 1995
    The Stars Are Also Fire
    by Poul Anderson

  15. 1996
    The Star Fraction
    by Ken MacLeod

  16. 1997
    Kings of the High Frontier
    by Victor Koman

  17. 1998
    The Stone Canal: A Novel
    by Ken MacLeod

  18. 1999
    The Golden Globe
    by John Varley

  19. 2000
    A Deepness in the Sky
    by Vernor Vinge

  20. 2001
    Forge of the Elders
    by L. Neil Smith

  21. 2002
    Psychohistorical Crisis
    by Donald Kingsbury

  22. 2003
    Night Watch (Discworld)
    by Terry Pratchett

  23. 2004
    by F. Paul Wilson

  24. 2005
    The System of the World (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 3)
    by Neal Stephenson

  25. 2006
    Learning the World: a Scientific Romance
    by Ken MacLeod

  26. 2007
    by Charles Stross

  27. 2008
    The Gladiator (Crosstime Traffic)
    by Harry Turtledove

  28. 2008
    by Jo Walton

  29. 2009
    Little Brother
    by Cory Doctorow

  30. 2010
    The Unincorporated Man (Sci Fi Essential Books)
    by Dani Kollin

  31. 2011
    Darkship Thieves (Baen Science Fiction)
    by Sarah A. Hoyt

  32. 2012
    Ready Player One: A Novel
    by Ernest Cline

  33. 2012
    The Freedom Maze
    by Delia Sherman

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