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  1. AFI's "10 Greatest Animated Films" 
  2. catena's "10 most often watched movies" 
  3. Melissa's "10 most often watched movies" 
  4. Lauren's "10 most often watched movies" 
  5. lauralbaby's "10 things I've never seen, read, or heard that you probably have" 
  6. Zachary Burnight's "Books" 
  7. StrangeAeons's "Books I Want to Read" 
  8. CarmenL87's "Books I Want to Read" 
  9. Bohdel's "Books I Want to Read to My Children (when I have them)" 
  10. Kara7's "Books I'd like to read" 
  11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  12. Classic Audrey Hepburn 
  13. norara's "Disney classics" 
  14. kaeem1991's "DVD COLLECTION" 
  15. Killer_Dimples's "Favorite Childhood Movies" 
  16. Jessica's "Freddy, Jason, Mike Myers Movies" 
  17. Lord Of The Rings (extended editions) 
  18. seneadawn's "Movies I assume you have seen if you are my friend" 
  19. lifeispassingby's "Movies I Love" 
  20. luvshekeeps's "Movies I love" 
  21. haveheart324's "Movies I need to see" 
  22. eyes188's "Movies I need to see" 
  23. Aureliann's "Movies in My Personal Collection" 
  24. k8tk8's "Movies to go and see" 
  25. AngryMonkey250's "My All Time Favourite Films" 
  26. nixlagu's "my favorite books!" 
  27. bwcogburn's "My Favorite Films" 
  28. maui172's "My favorite movies" 
  29. andreaccs's "My favorite movies" 
  30. chatterbox2601's "Pages to be turned" 
  31. agathazen's "Scary Movie Basics" 
  32. VioletteRose's "Star Wars Films" 
  33. BeastOfARose's "Ten Best Disney Animated Features" 
  34. The Indiana Jones Movies 
  35. The Omen series 
  36. The Star Wars Movies 
  37. Top 20 Movies of the 80s from inthe80s.com 
  38. SombreHippie's "Top 5 movies I can't stand" 
  39. liviamaria's "Top five best candies EVER." 
  40. Maggie's "Top five best candies EVER." 
  41. melliemunster's "Top five best candies EVER." 
  42. Top Grossing Films of the 1980s 
  43. klhall1971's "Worst B-Horror Movies" 
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