Best 27-Inch Monitor Under $500

Dell Ultrasharp U2715H was so impressive we couldn’t help but pick it as our best 27-inch monitor. Most manufacturers do a great job with picture quality and design, but they willingly neglect ergonomics and accessibility. Below is what our baby packs.

Dell Ultrasharp U2715H
Best 27 inch monitor Dell Ultrasharp U2715H

Our Pick

Dell’s Ultrasharp U2715H has 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution that is currently the acceptable standard for any monitor that can rightfully be described as high-quality.

Dell Ultrasharp U2715H is the best 27-inch monitor so far!

The monitor is an essential part of computing that the user spends most of their time looking at it. Just like other aspects of a conventional desktop computer, the monitor has evolved a lot. While the average user would be comfortable with anything that is flat and sleek, a graphic designer or other professionals will certainly harbor concerns about the monitor’s resolution, its connectivity and even its ergonomics. To save you the disappointment of purchasing something that does not work the way you would like it to, we reviewed some high-end monitors and below is what we would recommend as the best.

Why should you buy it?

Picture Quality

Dell-Ultrasharp-U2715H Unlike other monitors that have to be calibrated so as to achieve their best picture quality, our pick is calibrated at the factory which means you can begin using it right out of the box. You don’t even have to tweak its default settings although you might find it necessary to change its brightness settings depending on the lighting conditions of your environment.


dell u2715h ergonomicsSwitching from picture quality, we were also keen on ergonomics and accessibility. Our pick has a broad range of adjustability options. All of its magic sits on its stand. You can swivel the display 90 degrees either side from the center; the allowance comes in handy when you need to share something with someone sitting or standing beside you. You can tilt it up to 4 degrees forward and up to 20 degrees backward. From its lowest position on the stand, the screen can raise up to four and a half inches and vice versa. A great tip; this monitor is adaptable to VESA mount.


Connectivity and accessibility of ports

With regards to connectivity, Dells U2715H has two HDMI 1.4 connections, a Mini-DisplayPort 1.2 and two standard DisplayPort connections. It is important to note that one of the display ports connects to your PC while the second one can optionally be used to connect to another monitor in a technique known as daisy chaining. You might already have guessed that very few monitors have a DisplayPort for output. The unit will also come with cables. These are a power cord, a USB 3.0 cable that runs to your PC and a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable.

Still dwelling on connectivity, our pick comes with a total of 5 USB ports. Four of them are placed in the back of the monitor facing down like the DisplayPort and only one face outwards. You can use these to connect a wired keyboard and mouse. The port that faces outwards is most appropriately used to connect flash storage media and external hard disks.

Designdell u2715h design

In general, our pick can only be described as very sleek. Its sides and top are surrounded by a ¼” wide bezel that is thinner than most of its competition has. The bottom bezel is bigger  but probably had to be so to accommodate the monitors touch sensitive buttons. The buttons were designed to remain obscure and unless you read the manual or desperately need to tweak the monitors settings and do not know how, you are not going to notice them.

Why did the Dell Ultrasharp U2715H gain favor with us?

Although there are monitors that have a higher resolution, our pick is all round. It has more features in connectivity than most of its competitors. Besides, its ergonomics and design specifications are aspects a new user won’t lose hold.

dell u2715h connectivityTesting

Most of the testing we did on the selected monitors we had for comparison was of their display quality. We used the CalMAN5 software calibration suite to compare the screens in the following critical areas.

Color temperature

Color accuracy for grayscale

White and Black luminance with monitors’ settings at maximum and minimum brightness levels.

Gamma level

In addition to very technical testing, we used the monitors for considerable periods of time with ordinary office tasks, gaming and design work.

Who would it suit best?

It will do well for anyone who needs a big monitor to work on or play. It is especially great for editing high-resolution photos and HD videos. The high picture quality will also impress gamers who are very particular about their digital world experiences.

What we were looking for?

We majored in three areas. First, we obviously wanted a monitor with a high-quality picture. Secondly, we favored units that had great ergonomics and adjustability options and lastly, we also considered connectivity and design. It means that our pick looks good on your desk, gives you a great computing experience and is not devoid of ports.


The runner-up: BenQ GW2765HT

BenQ’s GW2765HT is an option you would like to consider if you feel that our pick is too pricey or is otherwise unavailable. GW2765HT has most of the features Dell’s UltraSharp U2715H like daisy chaining but isn’t badly off. It’s also cheaper and will certainly impress people working on tight budgets.

Runner-Up: BenQ GW2765HT

BenQ GW2765HT 27" monitor

Wrapping It Up

There are several monitors out there, but most of them need calibration before you can begin using them like you would want to. With all the connectivity and adjustability options, it feels valid to say that Dell’s High-end model is the best unit for any user. Whether you will be using it for graphic design, entertainment or casual office work.

However, if you want a monitor for browsing the web or completing your college assignments, investing more than $ 400 in one wouldn’t be worthwhile. There are cheaper 27-inch models for non-professional users.

Dell U2715H comes with a Display Port cable out of the box, which is the new standard for connectivity when it comes to high resolution display and refresh rate, especially for 2k and 4k resolutions. If you want to add some functionality to our pick, you might need additional cables that are not included, such as HDMI or DVI cables.


dell u2715h 27 inch


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    “it’s a very good all-round display with some decent IPS performance.”
  3. John R. Delaney, Dell UltraSharp UZ2715H, PCMag, September 29, 2014
    “The UZ2715H produces accurate colors out of the box.”
  4. Niels Broekhuijsen, Dell’s 27-Inch WQHD Monitor Now Comes With Thin Bezel, Tom’s Hardware, October 02, 2014
    “Dell’s new 27-inch WQHD monitor brings a modern design.”
  5. Valentin Lormeau, REVIEW / Dell UltraSharp UZ2715H Multimedia Monitor, Digital VersusJune 30, 2014
    “The UZ2715H has a plain but tasteful design.”

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