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  1. MTV Movie Award's "Best Action Sequence" 
  2. Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards Best Picture 
  3. Mystery Writers of America's "Edgar Award: Best Novel" 
  4. Writer's Guild of America (WGA) Best Screenplay 
  5. Jutra Award for Best Film 
  6. Booker Prize Winners 
  7. Academy Award's "2004: 77th Annual Nominees" 
  8. Academy Award's "2003: 76th Annual Nominees" 
  9. Academy Award's "2002: 75th Annual Nominees" 
  10. MTV Movie Awards for "Best Fight" 
  11. Academy Awards Best Actor Nominees 1939 - Present 
  12. Sundance Film Festival's "Grand Jury Prize--Drama Winners" 
  13. Academy Award's "Films Featuring a Nominated Performance" 
  14. Commonwealth Writers Prize: Best Book 
  15. TIFF's "People's Choice Award" 
  16. SIFF's "Golden Space Needle Awards for Best Film" 
  17. Independent Spirit Awards: Best Director 
  18. 2005 BAFTA Nominees 
  19. Academy Award's "Best Supporting Actor Winners" 
  20. Academy Award's "Best Supporting Actress Winners" 

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