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  1. The Books of Alain de Botton 
  2. Charles de Lint Newford series 
  3. Chinua Achebe Novels 
  4. Catherine Cookson Novels 
  5. The Complete Dialogues of Plato 
  6. Books by Isabel Allende 
  7. vile_agouti's "Paul Auster" 
  8. krazy_kd's "V.C. Andrews Books" 
  9. less_than_zero's "V.C. Andrews Books" 
  10. The Fiction of Iris Murdoch 
  11. Books by Antonia Fraser 
  12. wooleyduck's "Bernard Cornwell Book Series" 
  13. Books by Hunter S. Thompson 
  14. Chuck Palahniuk Bibliography 
  15. Books By Ian McEwan 
  16. Works of Elizabeth Gaskell 
  17. Jeremy's "William Gibson novels" 
  18. Zadie Smith bibliography 
  19. The Books of James Herriot 
  20. Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series 

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