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  1. jlloydbraun's "H.P. LOVECRAFT READING LIST" 
  2. The Writings of Oscar Wilde 
  3. Peter V Brett Bibliography 
  4. George Mann Novels 
  5. Stephen Hunt Novels 
  6. Patrick Ness Novels 
  7. Louisa May Alcott Bibliography 
  8. avacadojer's "Richard Matheson's Novels" 
  9. Books by Peter Carey 
  10. Erich Maria Remarque's novels 
  11. Dixon, Franklin W.'s "The Hardy Boys Casefiles (1987–1998)" 
  12. Armintrout, Jennifer's "Blood Ties Series" 
  13. Abercombie, Joe's "The First Law Trilogy" 
  14. milton918's "Piers Anthony Novels" 
  15. Fiction by J.R.R. Tolkien 
  16. Mark Twain's Novels 
  17. Books of Anne McCaffrey 
  18. Jonathan Lethem's fiction 
  19. Works of Philippa Gregory 
  20. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover novels 

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