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  1. Books by Melanie Rawn 
  2. Books by C. S. Friedman 
  3. Alan Campbell Novels 
  4. P.G. Wodehouse's Complete Works 
  5. Complete Works of Vladimir Nabokov 
  6. Richard Brautigan's Novels 
  7. G K Chesterton Major Works 
  8. lifemakeoverat30's "George Orwell's Novels" 
  9. Books by S.E. Hinton 
  10. Holeshammer's "David Gemmell's Drenai Tales" 
  11. Fiction by C.S. Lewis 
  12. Joyce Carol Oates Novels, Novellas & Short Stories 
  13. Heinrich Böll Bibliography 
  14. Peter Robinson Bibliography 
  15. The Complete works of Neil Gaiman 
  16. The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe 
  17. Michael Crichton Novels 
  18. Kingsley Amis Bibliography 
  19. Charles de Lint's Books 
  20. Katherine Hall Page's "Faith Fairchild Mysteries" 

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