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  1. Book Magazine's The Best of Bookish Characters 
  2. Princeton Review's "Recommended Reading for College-Bound Students" 
  3. The Modern Library, 100 Best Novels (The board's list) 
  4. cbh4's "My 50 Favorite Books" 
  5. Top 100 Books for Every Man 
  6. The Newbery Medal Award Winners 
  7. TaffyAnne's "Contemporary authors with longevity" 
  8. Best Books Ever! 
  9. Nebula Award for Best Novel - Nominees 
  10. kalavinka's "William Gibson novels" 
  11. all our feelings are in our heads's "Robert Heinlein Novels" 
  12. The Well-Educated Mind 
  13. Top 100 Children's Novels (a Fuse #8 production) 
  14. Tyler Knowlton's "100 Books You Should Read" 
  15. min3rva's "Neil Gaiman novels" 
  16. John W. Campbell Award Winners 
  17. Booker Prize Shortlists 
  18. tassini's "John Creasey Memorial Award (CWA New Blood Dagger) for Best Crime Novel" 
  19. Blonde Jade's "Top 10 Books About China and Chinese Culture" 

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