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  1. Robert Crais's Books 
  2. Steve Hamilton's "Alex McKnight" novels 
  3. Charles Todd's Inspector Ian Rutledge Books 
  4. fairywhispers's "2011 Bookshelf" 
  5. Stephen Donaldson novels 
  6. David Eddings novels 
  7. Julian May novels 
  8. Terry Brooks' Shannara 
  9. olduvai's "Wee reader's library loot" 
  10. Lawrence Block's Bernie Rhodenbarr (Burglar) series 
  11. Canavan, Trudi's "The Age of the Five Trilogy" 
  12. Canavan, Trudi's "The Black Magician Trilogy" 
  13. 10 Space Archaeology Novels You Must Read 
  14. Sergei Lukyanenko's World of Watches 
  15. DoctorTeeth's "Books I've Read In 2012" 
  16. lifemakeoverat30's "George Orwell's Novels" 
  17. wolf_babe's "Literature I want to read" 
  18. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles 
  19. Anne Rice's novels 
  20. Julia Eccleshare's "1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up" 

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