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  1. The Observer's "100 greatest novels of all time" 
  2. Rory's Book Club 
  3. Time Magazine's "100 Best English-Language Novels Published Since 1923" 
  4. National Book Award Winners: Fiction 
  5. The Newbery Medal Award Winners 
  6. Nebula Award Winners 
  7. BBC's "The Big Read - Books 101-200" 
  8. Best Books for Young Adults 2006 
  9. The College Board's "101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers" 
  10. Barnes and Noble Classics Collection 
  11. Mystery Writers of America's "Edgar Award: Best Novel" 
  12. Great Books of the 20th Century (Easton Press) 
  13. Rory Gilmore Book List 
  14. Jane Austen Novels 
  15. Dariane's "Advanced Placement English Recommended Reading" 
  16. Costa (Whitbread) Book Awards: Book of the Year 
  17. PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction 
  18. The Well-Educated Mind (full list) 
  19. 10 Hippest Books of All Time 
  20. Rough Guide's "Cult Fiction: The Authors" 

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