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  1. Dr. Peter Boxall's "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (2010 edition)" 
  2. mystery booksellers (IMBA)'s "100 favorite mysteries" 
  3. Outside Magazine's "25 26 Essential Books for the Well-Read Explorer" 
  4. buocl's "Palahniuk, Moore, and Lethem" 
  5. malevolentmuse's "My Favorite Harry Potter Books in Order" 
  6. Nat Welch's "Nat's Favorite Books" 
  7. Angelina Allen's "Books I have read" 
  8. Terri Windling's Year's Best Fantasy Novels 1987-2002 
  9. Emily's "Favorite Books" 
  10. Kiwiria's "100 Books To Read Before I Die (WIP)" 
  11. Pickle2169's "Pickle's Book List" 
  12. MaTitwonky's "Books Read In January 2007" 
  13. Bret Easton Ellis Novels 
  14. Theduckthief's "Books you should read if you want to consider yourself well-read" 
  15. bamachick321's "Books I Want to Read" 
  16. Jettababs's "Books I've enjoyed along the way to getting an English degree" 
  17. Kirsten's "Books to Read Sometime in the Future" 
  18. Booklist's 2007 Awards 
  19. andrea's "Books I want to read" 
  20. selwyn's "Most Memorable Books" 

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