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  1. Matthew Scott's "Why I Like Living in...China" 
  2. DIRECTORS - Zhang Ke Jia 
  3. Films of Wang Xiaoshuai 
  4. Films of Kaige Chen 
  5. DIRECTORS - Ye Lou 
  6. firmy's "My favorite places" 
  7. Zhang Yimou Films 
  8. syfirmy's "My favorite novel" 
  9. liam24's "Chinese movies I have seen" 
  10. zhuobang22's "我最喜欢的音乐 my favourite music" 
  11. Academy Award Nominees for Best Foreign Language Film - China 
  12. sunflowersue's "Places I've Lived and Worked" 
  13. Most Scenic China Villages 
  14. Ling Ling's "List of China Travelogues" 
  15. Ling Ling's "List of China Travel Guidebooks and Chinese Phrase Books " 
  16. Best Chinese Historical Fiction Literature 
  17. Amazon.com's Bestselling Books about China 
  18. Yuki Chin's "Best China Books" 
  19. DIRECTORS - Wong Kar-Wai 
  20. Yuki Chin's "Best Travel China Guide Books" 

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