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  1. Cannes Film Festival's "Palme d'Or" 
  2. Slate Magazine's 25 Films that Famous Movie Types Watch Obsessively 
  3. The X List (National Society of Film Critics) 
  4. Director's Guild (DGA) Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film 
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  6. calypte's "Film and TV Scores" 
  7. Muppet Movies 
  8. dandv's "Conversation-fodder movies" 
  9. British and Irish Horror Films 
  10. Michael Keaton Movies 
  11. taci42's "Filmology - movie a day" 
  12. everyonewantstolaugh's "French Films Watchlist" 
  13. Mermaid (and Related) Movies 
  14. Audrey's "2004 Must See Movies (US)" 
  15. Audrey's "2005 Must See Movies (US)" 
  16. Steph's "Nicolas Cage Movies" 
  17. Premiere Magazine's 25 Most Shocking Moments in Movie History 
  18. jorgexdonoso's "My favorite tearjerkers...(top 12)" 
  19. dandv's "Movies you'll think about" 
  20. They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? Starting List of 7900+ Most Notable Films (1980-1989) 

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