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  1. The Fifty Greatest Gay Movies! 
  2. willisinthemorning's "Cars that make you seem gay" 
  3. Ben Whitehouse's "Gay Icons" 
  4. After Elton's "The 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries" 
  5. Compendium of Gay & Lesbian Literature 
  6. Films used in the documentary The Celluloid Closet 
  7. zebra83's "queer reading" 
  8. Top 25 Grossing Gay and Lesbian Films 
  9. WinglessAngel's "The World's Funniest Famous (Faces) People" 
  10. WinglessAngel's "Must See Queer Movies" 
  11. macbitch's "Queer Movies" 
  12. LOGO 50 Greatest Films 2007 
  13. omgmel's "Things to do before I die." 
  14. GLAAD Media Awards Best Film 

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