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  1. stuffnnonsense's "The American Intellectual Tradition Bibliography" 
  2. Mediascape Top 100 American Films by Women Directors 
  4. danimatian's "Sites of Social Change, Crimes, Events, Tragedies and Examples of Human Evolution" 
  5. TheLoopweaver's "Books on American History" 
  6. Dreki's "To Be a Better Archaeologist" 
  7. Carolyn Fitzpatrick's "Films about the Holocaust" 
  8. Carolyn Fitzpatrick's "Films about the Vietnam War" 
  10. Michigan's "Landmarks & Historical Sites" 
  11. bloomsday616's "100 Books to Read" 
  12. christylynns's "Lineage" 
  13. Royal Diaries series 
  14. Everybody Hates A Tourist: Philadelphia 
  15. National Geographic Traveler's "109 Best Historic Destinations" (2008) 
  16. soul1383's "My Favorite People" 
  17. Times Literary Supplement's "100 Most Influential Books Since World War II" 
  18. WinglessAngel's "Portsmouth, NH Books I Gotta Have!" 
  19. Stagebunny's "Harold Bloom's Western Canon: The Theocratic Age" 
  20. Stagebunny's "Harold Bloom's Western Canon: The Aristocratic Age" 

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