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  1. Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes 
  2. Jamie Miller's "Best Vampire Fiction" 
  3. Produced by Val Lewton 
  4. Alex Superstar's "The DEFINITIVE And Continuing List Of Movies I Own On AVI." 
  5. booklover420's "My Favorite Books (the ones I can remember and in no particular order)" 
  6. Cinematic Projects Based on Works by Stephen King 
  7. Bram Stoker Awards: Best First Horror Novel Winners 
  8. calypte's "lots of dvds" 
  9. calypte's "lots of movies" 
  10. Videohound's Vampires on Video 
  11. calypte's "library borrowings" 
  12. Weinberg's List: 50 Best Horror Films (2000 -- 2009) 
  13. Revolver - The Best Horror Films of 2011 
  14. Moria (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Review) Top 10 Lists 
  15. Aurealis Awards - Best Horror Novel Winners & Finalists 
  16. Movies reviewed on badmovies.org 
  17. Horror Movie Series' 
  18. DPP List of Video Nasties 
  19. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles 
  20. What You Are Meant to Know: 21 Horror Classics (from On Writing Horror) 

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