Linafae tagged 18 lists…


  1. William Faulkner's Novels 
  2. The New Lifetime Reading Plan 
  3. Books by George Orwell 
  4. Books by F. Scott Fitzgerald 
  5. The Works of James Joyce 
  6. The Fiction of Henry James 
  7. The Writings of Oscar Wilde 
  8. Nabokov Bibliography 
  9. Saul Bellow Bibliography 
  10. Kingsley Amis Bibliography 
  11. Novels by Margaret Atwood 
  12. Books by or About Simone de Beauvoir 
  13. Works of Italo Calvino 
  14. Margaret Atwood Novels 
  15. Oh! D. H. Lawrence 
  16. Glambabie's "Truman Capote Books" 
  17. The New Lifetime Reading Plan - Going Further 
  18. The New Lifetime Reading Plan (each title) 

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