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  1. Cherie's "Books I've Read In December 2006" 
  2. Cherie's "Books Read in 2007" 
  3. Pyratekk's "Pyratekk's Favorite Books" 
  4. Stagebunny's "Harold Bloom's Western Canon: The Theocratic Age" 
  5. Stagebunny's "Harold Bloom's Western Canon: The Aristocratic Age" 
  6. Everyman's Library Book Shelf (Borzoi Reader - Knopf Books) 
  7. Pulitzer Prize Winners for Drama 
  8. Newbery Honor Books 
  9. hermana's "Books I Want - Buy Them For Me" 
  10. Orange Prize Short and Long List 
  11. Pulitzer Prize winning books written by Nobel Prize winning authors 
  12. Pulitzer Prize Winners for Poetry 
  13. Literary Canon and Classics for Assiduous Readers and Completist Book Collectors 
  14. Harold Bloom's "The Western Canon" 
  15. BBC's "The Big Read - Books 1-100" 
  16. Pulitzer Prize Winners for History 
  17. National Book Critics Circle Award (Fiction) 
  18. The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection 
  19. Easton Press's "The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written" 
  20. National Book Award Winners: Fiction 

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