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Every one of us loves to listen to our favorite album, watch movies or play video games. Here comes the question; that headphone would best fit and meet my expectations? What kind of headphones do you prefer to use? In-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, noise canceling headphones, etc.? If you are a pro-audio guy and enjoy reasonably priced high-end stuff, that's where we come into play. Remember, you can always buy quality stuff for a good price. All you have to do is to follow and read our expert reviews. We love the gadgets, gears and cool stuff. We have this 10-year old kid inside us, just like you.

  • The Best Over-Ear Headphones under $300 / Oppo PM-3
  • The Best On-Ear Headphones / Bose SoundTrue Headphones
  • The Best In-Ear Headphones Under $30 / Brainwavz Delta with Mic
  • The Best In-Ear Headphones Under $100 / Beyerdynamic MMX 102iE
  • The Best Gaming Headphones under $100 / Fury 3d
  • The Best Bluetooth Headset
  • The Best Exercise Headphones
  • The Best Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones



Do you enjoy loud music with a high-quality stream, or watch HD movies with a pro sound system? Or you are a pro gamer and want to feel the battle scene while playing your favorite FPS game? You are on the right page; we love hi-fi too. We can tell you which system is the perfect match for you; 2.1, 3.1 or even better a 6.1 system that can match your needs along with your budget. We are not recommending you stuff that breaks your bank. We know the high-end stuff, how to buy it, where to buy it, which one to recommend.

  • The Best Bookshelf Speakers
  • The Best gaming speaker
  • The Best AirPlay Speaker
  • The Best Outdoor Speakers
  • The Best Soundbar
  • The Best Speaker Cable
  • The Best Voice Recorder
  • The Best USB Microphone



You walk out the door and enjoy the sunny Sunday morning with a beautiful breakfast at your favorite place. Then you take a walk for a fresh mind. If you also love to take nice looking pictures, you need to have a camera. Searching the internet for a compact or DSLR camera may be a pain. Search no more! Below you will find our best picks for each category.

* Best compact camera
* Best DSLR camera
* Best camera lenses
* Best Action Camera
* Best Waterproof Camera
* Best Instant Camera
* Best Mid-range DSLR
* Best Mirrorless Camera
* Best Point-and-Shoot Camera
* Best Superzoom Camera
* Best Tripod
* Best Wireless IP Camera
* Best Video Camera

PC / Mac

Pc / Mac

Are you a PC or a Mac person? You always hear this question. Each one of these two has different characteristics and features. If you are a gamer, you will need a desktop. If you are a graphics designer, you will want to have a Macbook Pro. So we dive into this area and pick the ones for your needs. If you a beginner, you would want a pre-configured PC, on the other hand, if you have a hacker spirit, you may want to build your pc with the components you purchased. We researched and tested the best components for you.

* Best Gaming Mouse
* Best Micro USB Cable
* Best Surge Protector
* Best Wireless Mouse



Laptops are merely replacements for desktop computers nowadays. Most people prefer laptops instead of desktops. You can even find a gaming laptop if you love to play games along with your regular tasks. Pro users will prefer desktops. We made a lot of research, reviewed the specs of the most famous ones, and chose the best ones for your budget.

* Best Budget Gaming Laptop
* Best Budget Laptop
* Best Business Laptop
* Best Gaming Laptop
* Best Laptop
* Best Windows Ultrabook


Monitors are one of the essential parts of a computer. It's directly related to your vision health. Finding the best monitor is a tough task. But you need to accomplish it to begin using your PC. We researched and tested some high-end devices, and picked the best ones for each monitor type for your budget. For gamers, we recommend to look for 24 inches or bigger. TN panels are good for players in terms of speed and pricing. For office or regular home use, we recommend 22 inches or smaller IPS panel monitors.


* Best 27-inch Monitor / Dell Ultrasharp U2715H
* Best 24-Inch Monitor
* Best 4K Monitor



3d printers are gaining a momentum, but we have a little more time for their golden age. Home users will have to wait for a while. It doesn't mean you can not have it at home; it is just you need to pay more than a regular laser or inkjet printer. Meanwhile, we researched and tested our favorite printers out there on the market for you.

* Best Cheap Printer
* Best Laser Printer
* Best All-in-one printer
* Best Inkjet Printer
* Best 3d Printer
* Best Photo Printer


Storage devices

Optical storage devices may be the cheapest priced components of a computer. Of course, SSD's are a little more pricey, but considering the speed and functionality they bring to your pro user experience, they pay it back. If you are a gamer or doing a lot of graphics rendering, we recommend an SSD. For home or office users, we recommend an optical hard drive most of the time. But it's up to your choice. Optical drives have longer life span than SSD's. They are easier to recover in case of a bad sector issue, while SSD's bring more power and speed, almost ten times more depending on the brand and technology they use. You do the math for your budget.

* Best Portable Hard Drive
* Best SSDs


Networking and modems

You can't connect to the internet if you don't have a cable or wireless modem unless you choose to connect via your hotspot mobile devices. If you need a constant connection with a stable speed, you need an excellent modem. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of models on the market. But which one is best for you? It will depend on the physical status of your home or office, how big they are, how far you will be away from the modem's location, etc. So you need to find out the best model for you. Keep reading and we will help you on this journey.

* Best Cable Modem
* Best Cheap Router
* Best Wi-Fi Router
* Best Wi-Fi Extender


Pc keyboards

There are two types of keyboards; mechanical and membrane. Mechanical keyboards are gaining popularity over old regular ones recently. Especially gamers choose mechanicals because of its performance and durability. But they come with a price that may double or triple the old ones. You don't necessarily use a mechanical keyboard. There is also high quality old type keyboards out there. All you need to do is to find what's best for you.

* Best Bluetooth Keyboard


We all have a mobile phone. Almost all mobile phones are smart today. You already have one, and maybe you plan to change it. You want to know which one is best for you; Android, iPhone or a Windows Phone. Each brand has pros and cons, as well as each model. We dig into this dark hole for you because a smartphone is a lifesaver sometimes. Soit needs more attention than any of your gadgets.

* Best Android Phones



* Best Android Tablet
* Best Chromebook
* Best E-Reader
* Best Tablet

Mobile Extras

Mobile extras

* Best iPad Air 2 Case
* Best iPad Keyboard Case
* Best iPad Mini Retina Case
* Best iPad Stylus
* Best iPhone 6 Battery Case
* Best iPhone 6 Case
* Best Lightning Cable
* Best microSD Card
* Best Portable USB Battery Pack
* Best Running Watch
* Best SD Card
* Best Selfie Stick
* Best Smartphone Car Mount
* Best Smartwatch for Android
* Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 6
* Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 5



* Best Pico Projector
* Best Projector Screen



* Best Blu-ray Player
* Best Media Streamer
* Best Receiver
* Best Small TV
* Best TV


Gardening tools

* Best gardening tools

Outdoors gears

* Best Hiking Boots For Women / Renegade GTX Mid by Lowa
* Best Men’s Winter Boots
* Best Drones
* Best Headlamp
* Best Hand Warmer
* Best Water Bottle
* Best Umbrella

Back To School

Back to school supplies

* Best Mechanical Pencil
* Best Pen


Travel gadgets and gears

* Best Carry-on Luggage
* Best Travel Gear
* Best Travel Tripod

Health products

* Best Standing Desk Mat / Imprint CumulusPRO
* Best Adult Diapers / Depend Protection With Tabs
* Best Electric Toothbrush
* Best Personal Breathalyzer
* Best Standing Desks

Cars and accessories

* Best Ice Scraper For Your Car / Hopkins 14039
* Best Car GPS
* Best Compact Car
* Best Hybrid Car
* Best Midsize Sedan
* Best Minivan
* Best Motor Oil
* Best Windshield Wipers


Coupons and promo codes

* Amazon coupons
* Sears coupons
* Homedepot coupons
* Bestbuy coupons



* Best books of all time
* Best novels of all time
* Best thrillers of all time
* Best comiscs books in the 20th century



* Best movies of all time
* Best funny movies of all time
* Top 10 western movies of all time
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* Top 10 rock albums



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Places to see

* Must see places before you die
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More Stuff

More cool stuff

* Best paintings of all time
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