About Lists of Bests

What’s in a list?

On Lists of Bests you can create and find lists of products, places, goals and people. From the Pulitzer Prize to the Oscars and beyond; you can start the list yourself or find existing lists. For example:

Or personal list’s like:

Track your progress

When you see a list, you can easily check off your progress. Mark any item off and you’ll know what books, music, movies, people, places or thing remain for you to read, hear, see, meet, visit or do. Click add to my lists and you can track your progress on any list. The list will be saved to “your lists”.

There are 3 types of lists …

  1. Personal list
    A personal list can only be edited by you. Other people can take inspiration from your list (for example, My 10 favorite Seattle restaurants) and copy the list for their own use, but only you can edit your version of the list.
  1. Definitive List
    Definitive list are pretty much set in stone. Examples are Rolling Stone’s ‘Readers’ 100’ or 50 States of the USA. You may not agree with Rolling Stone’s choices, but the list itself is definitive and of public record. Definitive lists can also just be factual, like 50 States of the USA. If you’re creating a “Top 10” or “Best of” list for an organization or personality, use a definitive list.
  1. Award List
    An award list is an annual awards list by a credible source. Examples include Booker Prize Winners, Academy Award’s ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Album of the Year’ Grammy Award Winners. An easy way to spot an award list is by it’s annual nature and credible source.

Make My Own Version

When you click make my own version on a list you can edit it to your tastes. Right away you can choose to take just the name of the list and dump the items so you can start from scratch. Or, you can keep everything intact and just add or remove a few items to your liking. You can also create a list from scratch.

Edit a list

Once you’ve adopted a list you can edit it. Click the edit this list link below the name of the list.

Already a user?

If you already have a 43 Things, 43 Place, 43 People or All Consuming account Lists of Bests items will automagically update items as you mark them off your lists. If you don’t use these sites you don’t have to and everything will work just fine. However, you’ll get free accounts with all the sites under your same username and password. You can explore them in the future. One site fits all and all our sites play well together!

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