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Random House Modern Library's "100 Best Books of the 20th Century: Fiction (Board's List)"

Why? — 5 years ago

I always find it irritating to see “The Great Gatsby” being included in the lists of great novels. I regard F. Scott Fitzgerald highly, and have heard great witticisms from him, but this book is simply immature. It has no brilliant plot, nor brilliant ideas, not even an engaging meditation on life. When I hear people say that it is The Great American Novel, I just go like, “Are Americans that silly?” To just compare it to Melville’s masterpiece, Moby Dick, makes you shudder. People please remove it from your list.


I don’t like “The Great Gatsby” either. “Tender is the Night” might be my favorite novel by Fitzgerald.

Not even?

How about the fact that it’s a joy to read? Or that’s its iconic characters continue to resonate 80 years after the fact? Or that it does, indeed, offer an engaging meditation on life – on the power and weakness of dreamers, particularly American dreamers? And did I mention it was a joy to read?

And yes, Moby Dick is a masterpiece as well – of a different breed.

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