25 Best Contemporary Christian Albums of All Time

Compiled by CCM’s contributing editors and “a few people we know” (in the words of the site) who have extensive knowledge of contemporary Christian music to list their 15 favorite Christian albums of all time. We then compiled all the lists on the computer much in the same way we do the music charts.

In preparing their lists, contributors were asked to consider several key questions. Did the album make an impact? Was it a trendsetter musically? Spiritually? Does it make a clear Christian statement? Has it held up over time? No restraints were given regarding Christian vs. secular labels or whether the album is still available.

Glaring omissions from the final list include Andrae Crouch, Petra, Stryper, and Sandi Patti, whose contributions are vast but not focused on a single album. Also missing: Malcolm & Alwyn, whose Fool’s Wisdom album usually makes such lists, and Richie Furay, whose landmark album I’ve Got A Reason set new production standards.

GREG’S EDITORIALNOTE: Because as they mention Christian CDs go in and out of print frequently, many of these are hard to find and some available only on 2-for-1 CDs. For #4 it was “White Horse” specifically being honored. In the case of #6 it is “With Footnotes” being singled out. Also, in case you’re wondering, this list predates the other list of the “Top 100 Christian Albums of All-Time” that’s elsewhere on the site.

  1. Only Visiting This Planet
  2. Slow Train Coming
    by Bob Dylan
  3. Welcome to Paradise
  4. White Horse / Adam Again
  5. Age to Age
    by Amy Grant
  6. With Footnotes / In the Volume of the Book
    by 2nd Chapter of Acts
  7. Love Song
  8. For Him Who Has Ears to Hear
    by Keith Green
  9. Unguarded
    by Amy Grant
  10. Medals
    by Russ Taff
  11. Love Broke Thru
  12. Victims Of the Age
    by Mark Heard
  13. The Turning
  14. Romeo Unchained
  15. October
    by U2
  16. Truth Decay
    by T-Bone Burnett
  17. The Joshua Tree
    by U2
  18. Humans (Dlx)
    by Bruce Cockburn
  19. Shotgun Angel (25th Anniversary Issue)
    by Daniel Amos
  20. Horrendous Disc
    by Daniel Amos
  21. Straight On
  22. Meltdown
    by Steve Taylor
  24. Awaiting Your Reply & Rainbow’s End
    by Resurrection Band
  25. Matters of the Heart
    by Bob Bennett

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