Time Magazine's "All-Time 100 Best Films"

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Presenting the all-time 100 best films as chosen by TIME’s Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel. (In alphabetical order)

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  1. 1.
    Aguirre, the Wrath of God
    by Werner Herzog

  2. 3.
    The Awful Truth
    by Leo McCarey

  3. 4.
    Baby Face

  4. 5.
    Band of Outsiders
    by Jean-Luc Godard

  5. 6.
    Barry Lyndon
    by Stanley Kubrick

  6. 8.
    Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)
    by Ridley Scott

  7. 9.
    Bonnie and Clyde
    by Arthur Penn

  8. 10.
    Brazil (Fully Restored with Bonus Footage)
    by Terry Gilliam

  9. 12.
    by George Cukor

  10. 13.
    Casablanca (Snap Case)
    by Michael Curtiz

  11. 14.
    Charade (The Criterion Collection)
    by Stanley Donen

  12. 15.
    Children of Paradise (The Criterion Collection)
    by Marcel Carné

  13. 16.
    by Roman Polanski

  14. 17.
    Chungking Express
    by Kar Wai Wong

  15. 18.
    Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Orson Welles

  16. 19.
    City Lights
    by Charles Chaplin

  17. 20.
    City of God
    by Fernando Meirelles

  18. 21.
    Closely Watched Trains (The Criterion Collection)
    by Jiri Menzel

  19. 22.
    The Crime of Monsieur Lange
    by Jean Renoir

  20. 23.
    The Crowd
    by King Vidor

  21. 24.
    Day for Night
    by François Truffaut

  22. 25.
    The Decalogue (Complete Set)

  23. 26.
    by Edgar G. Ulmer

  24. 28.
    by William Wyler

  25. 29.
    Double Indemnity
    by Billy Wilder

  26. 32.
    E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Full Screen Collector's Edition)
    by Steven Spielberg

  27. 33.
    8 1/2 (The Criterion Collection)
    by Federico Fellini

  28. 35.
    Farewell My Concubine
    by Kaige Chen

  29. 36.
    Finding Nemo (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
    by Andrew Stanton

  30. 37.
    The Fly
    by David Cronenberg

  31. 39.
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    by Sergio Leone

  32. 40.
    by Martin Scorsese

  33. 41.
    A Hard Day's Night
    by Richard Lester

  34. 42.
    His Girl Friday
    by Howard Hawks

  35. 43.
    Ikiru (The Criterion Collection)
    by Akira Kurosawa

  36. 44.
    In a Lonely Place
    by Nicholas Ray

  37. 45.
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    by Don Siegel

  38. 46.
    It's a Gift [VHS]
    by Norman Z. McLeod

  39. 47.
    It's a Wonderful Life
    by Frank Capra

  40. 48.
    by Mohsen Makhmalbaf

  41. 49.
    Kind Hearts and Coronets
    by Robert Hamer

  42. 50.
    King Kong (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Ernest B. Schoedsack

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Created by Robot Co-op on Nov 30, 2005.


Check Out Their Cuts (2 Lists) — 4 years ago

Check out 2 lists I just made of movies that didn’t make this final list.

The Corliss Cuts: http://www.listsofbests.com/list/66373

The Schickel Cuts: http://www.listsofbests.com/list/66374

Untitled — 4 years ago

Just because something is old doesn’t make it good. Awful, except for finding nemo there’s a truly classic film!

I have to ask... — 6 years ago

Is “The Legend of Drunken Master” REALLYTIMEMAGAZINE’s #31 film of ALLTIME?

Slight correction — 7 years ago

Number 63 is usually / alternatively spelt Nayakan with a k not a g.



due to the difference in pronunciation between Hindi and Tamil; film is also sometimes called by its fuller title Velu Nayakan.

A great film by all accounts, but there are plenty of other greater Indian films that deserved to be on this list ahead of it. Maybe I should make a list?


where the FUCK is... — 7 years ago

…Apocalypse Now?

aguirre — 7 years ago

Added aguirre, the Wrath of God, to complete the list

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