Top 10 Songs That Make You Cry All The Time


Sad songs have a way of getting to the deep-seated, dark corners of our souls. The tear that flows afterwards brings with it the baggage we’ve been holding on to, giving us the solace most of us badly crave when stressed out.

We need music to dig deep well enough so we can understand some of the problems we have in greater context. All this is important because it helps us suss out a perfect solution for them in an attempt to find a way to tackle them by the root.

That said, let’s take a look at the Top 10 songs ever recorded in the history of music that make you cry all the time.

Every time the sun comes up

Sharon Van Etten

It is a song that teaches us to accept whatever comes next. There’s always another side of you, every occurrence or the situation you’re currently in. Though Sharon has on several occasions pointed out that she made the song in jest, to most of us it’s the best song on the album.

I cried for you

Katie Melua

I cried for you is the second song from Katie Melua’s second album, “Piece by Piece.” The song was inspired the close relationship that existed between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the loss she felt when he finally left. The song is super-sad and one that you’d never want to stop listening.

I’d like

Freshly Ground

It is a perfect sad song from the melody to the honeyed vocals and disturbing lyrics, the song, puts you in a moment of self-reflection. The singer is uncertain of herself. She’s confused and weighing in on her next move, but some part of her is scared of the consequences.

This song fits almost snugly in some real-life scenarios, especially those that involve dithering and lack of certainty where feelings are involved.

Someone Like You


Most of us are in a relationship with the second best. We are tied to someone who wasn’t exactly our top pick, but situations forced you to them. It is the song to let go of those feelings whenever they start crawling back. Just put the song on the play then lock yourself in a room and cry everything out.

Time after time

Cyndi Lauper

It is one of biggest hits from the iconic Cyndi Lauper. The song brings back all the moments you missed to say what you wanted. The time that you allowed fear or any other obstacle in between to overpower you and failed to tell your crush, ex or that one special person what you feel; your life could have taken one significant, positive turn had you. But you didn’t… it’s time to let go of the regret.

I can’t tell you why


Ever been in a relationship that kept crashing? One that both you and your partner tried fixing over and over again, but ended up running in cycles. Well, this song will speak to you. Sometimes in life we make things harder than they ought to be. Loyalty is good, but then again it does not always come with its fair share of happiness.



The vocals, lyrics and melody of this song convey the pain you have whenever you try to remember your childhood then it hits you that it’s long gone and never coming back. Nightswimming is a beautifully sung, tear-jerking, an underrated song that will bring back all the childhood memories that you thought were long buried.


Johny Cash

Originally sung by Nine Inch Nails, “Hurt” is a song that speaks directly to your heart. With this version sounding even better than the original piece, you’ll certainly shed tears bumping to it.

Nessun Dorma

Jackie Evancho

For a girl her age, Jackie Evancho does this song greater justice. Her vocals just open up a new portal to a world of emotions. Many aren’t so fond of opera music, but this song just transforms the genre from tolerable to something you’d want to start listening.

When a Child is Born

Sarah Brightman

It is the most exciting Christmas choral ever sung. You might want to listen to it after you’ve watched Magia Nuda, a film about South Americans and Africans who still do nudes and depend on magic for survival. If you don’t fall in love with the melody and vocals, you’ll certainly love how the song is harmonized.


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