100 Greatest Albums Ever

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  1. OK Computer
    by Radiohead
  2. The Bends
    by Radiohead
  3. Revolver [UK]
    by The Beatles
  4. Kid A
    by Radiohead
  5. The Joshua Tree
    by U2
  6. The Queen is Dead
    by The Smiths
  7. Grace
    by Jeff Buckley
  8. Abbey Road (1990)
    by Beatles
  9. Dark Side of the Moon
    by Pink Floyd
  10. Urban Hymns
    by Verve
  11. The Beatles (The White Album)
    by Beatles
  12. Pet Sounds
    by Beach Boys
  13. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    by The Beatles
  14. London Calling
    by Clash
  15. Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO)
    by Led Zeppelin
  16. In Utero
    by Nirvana
  17. Blood on the Tracks (Hybr)
    by Bob Dylan
  18. Appetite For Destruction
    by Guns N’ Roses
  19. Is This It
    by The Strokes
  20. The Wall
    by Pink Floyd

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