Best Albums Of All Time


I like to think of a great album as one that shaped a culture, defined an era and still sounds fresh and inspiring several years later.

We can arguably say that the rock era began with the summers of 1966 when the Beatles released “Revolver”. If anything, that’s the record that everyone who got the privilege of listening to couldn’t help having the second opinion on modern music. The genre has significantly evolved since then, the result of which some of the greatest rock albums across genres have been produced.

We referred to the rock genre for our primary source most of the time. But we tried to include all the genres such as funk, punk, r&b, soul, jazz, hip-hop, rap, reggae, hard rock, heavy metal, pop rock, rock’n roll etc.

Sorry to say this, but the music industry lost its bearing when music became more of business than art. Musicians don’t care about anything other than releasing club bangers that will go on rotation and win them shows; one reason a vast majority of the classics you know are not less than a decade or two old. That explains why our list features mostly artists that are either dead or too old to be remembered and not the fresh blood we read on paper and see on the tube all the time.

This is not a definitive list since we keep updating it from time to time. Rankings are also not definitive but we will shape the list in a short while with the help of your comments.

We used some sources to shape the list, but we were keen on making our genuine list. The sources included Q Magazine, Reader’s Poll, Time Magazine etc.

Read on to find out which records make the cut to our best albums of all time list.


Dark Side of the Moon

Band: Pink Floyd
Released: 1973
Label: Harvest

It is certainly one of the records that defined the rock era and music at large. Released on March 31, 1973, the album reportedly had immediate success upon release, topping the Billboard Top LPs and Tapes for a week and hanging in the charts for a further 741 weeks. Until date, the album has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling records of all time not only in rock but across genres as well.

Led Zeppelin IV

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Released: November 1, 1971

Led Zeppelin IV is pure rock, not just a collection of mellow songs that are pleasing to the ear. The album served as a benchmark to all the subsequent rock releases of the era. With songs such as Black Dog, Rock and Roll, and Stairway to Heaven, this is the album every rock fanatic out there needs to own a copy.


Artist: Ramones
Year: 1976

Ramones is a 20-minute, self-titled debut that’s regarded as the blueprint for punk rock. The album is simple, fluff-free, fast, and angsty, addressing some of the life’s basic real-life feeling the late Joey Ramone had while baking this. It’s, among other things, that album that never wears down on you regardless of the number of times you listen to it.

Are You Experienced

Artist: Jimi Hendrix

It appears as if Jimi Hendrix purposely put this record together to show the world that he’ll always be the one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. The album was epic. With songs such as Purple Haze, Hey Joe, The Wind Cries Mary, and Maniac Depression, Jimi had created an entirely new sonic experience that would shape the music landscape.

Foo Fighters

Band: Foo Fighters
Released: 1995

“Fighter Fighters” was a self-titled debut album released in 1995. All the songs on the album were written by none other but Dave Grohl himself. Initially intended to be a cathartic experience dealing with the death of Kurt Cobain and end of Nirvana, the 12 track album surprisingly turned Grohl’s career around when RIAA certified its platinum.

Back in Black

Artist: AC/DC

AC/DC’s most cohesive record, and which served as proof to the world that the band still had a future in light of the tragic death of their leader singer, Bon Scott. Brian Johnson filled Bon’s place nicely, according to the album the justice it deserved. The album reportedly made more than $22 million in sales and peaked number 1 on several charts.


Band: The Beatles
Released: 1966

Revolver is arguably the best album in the phase one stage of rock. The 35-minutes album features a list of tracks that brought with them a fresh revelation that would shape the face of music.

The Constantines

Band: The Constantines
Released: 2001

The self-titled Lp was first released in 2001. 1, 000 copies were doled out to listeners on a first come first served basis just to let the whole world know the band was about to erupt. And the results were hilarious, making the LP many people’s favorites from the band.

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club

Band: The Beatles

Were it not for this album The Beatles would certainly NOT be the model that other rock artists try to emulate. The album has it all—from hard rock tracks to great ballads.

The Wall

Band: Pink Floyd
Released: 1979

“The Wall” makes the cut for an album we’d use for this list. Being the last record with the classic band lineup of bassist/lyricist Roger Waters, guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason, and Keyboardist Richard Wright, the album was supported by one hell of a tour laced with elaborate theatrical effects and, in 1982, adopted into “Pink Floyd-The Wall” film.

OK Computer

Band: Radiohead

The Bends

Band: Radiohead

Kid A

Band: Radiohead

The Joshua Tree

Band: U2

The Queen is Dead

Band: The Smiths


Band: Jeff Buckley

Abbey Road

Band: The Beatles

Urban Hymns

Band: The Verve

The Beatles (The White Album)

Band: The Beatles

Pet Sounds

Band: The Beach Boys

London Calling

Band: The Clash

In Utero

Band: Nirvana

Blood on the Tracks (Hybr)

Band: Bob Dylan

Appetite For Destruction

Band: Guns N’ Roses

Is This It

Band: The Strokes


Band: Nirvana

The Marshall Mathers LP

Artist: Eminem

Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols

Band: The Sex Pistols

The Stone Roses

Band: The Stone Roses

Definitely Maybe

Band: Oasis

Achtung Baby

Band: U2

Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers

Band: Wu-Tang Clan


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