Q Magazine's "Q Readers Best Albums Ever (2006 Readers Poll)"

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  1. 1.
    OK Computer
    by Radiohead

  2. 2.
    The Bends
    by Radiohead

  3. 3.
    by Nirvana

  4. 4.

  5. 5.
    Definitely Maybe
    by Oasis

  6. 6.
    The Stone Roses
    by The Stone Roses

  7. 7.
    Automatic for the People
    by R.E.M.

  8. 8.
    (What's The Story) Morning Glory?
    by Oasis

  9. 9.
    Achtung Baby
    by U2

  10. 10.
    Kid A
    by Radiohead

  11. 11.
    The Joshua Tree
    by U2

  12. 12.
    The Queen is Dead
    by Smiths

  13. 13.
    by Jeff Buckley

  14. 14.
    Abbey Road
    by The Beatles

  15. 15.
    Dark Side Of The Moon
    by Pink Floyd

  16. 16.
    Urban Hymns
    by Verve

  17. 17.
    The Beatles (The White Album)
    by Beatles

  18. 18.
    Pet Sounds
    by The Beach Boys

  19. 19.
    Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    by The Beatles

  20. 20.
    London Calling
    by The Clash

  21. 21.
    Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO)
    by Led Zeppelin

  22. 22.
    In Utero
    by Nirvana

  23. 23.
    Blood on the Tracks (Hybr)
    by Bob Dylan

  24. 24.
    Appetite For Destruction
    by Guns N’ Roses

  25. 25.
    A Rush of Blood to the Head
    by Coldplay

  26. 26.
    Is This It

  27. 27.
    The Wall
    by Pink Floyd

  28. 28.
    Never Mind The Bollocks
    by Sex Pistols

  29. 29.
    Rubber Soul (1990)
    by Beatles

  30. 30.
    Wish You Were Here
    by Pink Floyd

  31. 31.
    by Red Hot Chili Peppers

  32. 32.
    What's Going On
    by Marvin Gaye

  33. 33.
    Ray of Light
    by Madonna

  34. 34.
    Exile On Main Street [Limited Edition]
    by The Rolling Stones

  35. 35.
    by Blur

  36. 36.
    Blonde on Blonde
    by Bob Dylan

  37. 37.
    Out of Time
    by R.E.M.

  38. 38.
    Electric Ladyland

  39. 39.
    by Primal Scream

  40. 40.
    by Coldplay

  41. 41.

  42. 42.
    The Velvet Underground & Nico
    by The Velvet Underground & Nico

  43. 43.
    by Pixies

  44. 44.
    by Joy Division

  45. 45.
    Highway 61 Revisited
    by Bob Dylan

  46. 46.
    Hunky Dory
    by David Bowie

  47. 47.
    Astral Weeks
    by Van Morrison

  48. 48.
    Sticky Fingers
    by Rolling Stones

  49. 49.
    by R.E.M.

  50. 50.
    Forever Changes
    by Love

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Created by Bruno Girin on Sep 02, 2006.


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Please don't... — 2 years ago

…muck around with the list. I’ve removed the albums that shouldn’t be here including the film, and reordered it in line with the original. It’s 100% correct now.

Hmm — 2 years ago

Why is there a film in this list? It means I’m stuck at 98%! I looked and there is no soundtrack to the film, it’s just a documentary about Wilco. Strange.

Untitled — 3 years ago

I’m guessing Q Magazine is either Hipster or Indie because there’s no other rational explanation for Radiohead’s dominance in this reader poll. The only album they got close to right was Nevermind, which is one of the ten most influential albums in history.

Other than that, this list is practically worthless. Sgt. Peppers and Pet Sounds barely make the Top 20? B.S. Californication is # 30? Come on, I’m and RHCP fan and even I think that’s much too high. Especially since it’s somehow listed as higher than BloodSugarSexMagik, which is the best RHCP album.

There are so many things wrong with this. — 3 years ago

I’m not really sure where I should begin. The fact that the top 2 albums are by the same band (Radiohead, nonetheless…) is ridiculous. And don’t even get me started about Nirvana: MOSTOVERRATEDBAND/ALBUM/SONG of all time. “Nevermind” is better than any Beatles album? Better than any Led Zeppelin album? I mean c’mon. THEREAREMORERADIOHEADALBUMS IN THETOP 10 THANTHEREARELEDZEPPELINALBUMS ON THELIST. That alone epitomizes why this list is fucking dumb.

MIssing one? — 4 years ago

If this is a top 100 list, why are there only 99 albums listed? Looks like a fix-’er-upper to me.

Puke — 4 years ago

U2 are a pile of sh*t. Very little recent music.

Please, Get Off Thom Yorke's **** — 4 years ago

also, **** Oasis.

that is all

Umm what? — 4 years ago

When I read this in Q I was almost certain that I saw Keane on the list somewhere! Not to be found on your version! Aw well, this list is a joke anyway (as is most lists by music mags).

Worthless — 4 years ago

This list is a joke. This follows the trend that people think Nirvana is a good band. They are the most overrated band with the most overrated album (nevermind), in the history of music.

Nevermind is ahead of every beatles, pink floyd, and led zeppelin album??

Nevermind cannot touch Led Zeppelin IV or The White Album.

This list genuinly pisses me off.

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