Empire's "201 Greatest Movies Of All-Time"

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  1. 1.
    The Shawshank Redemption (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Frank Darabont

  2. 4.
    Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope (Widescreen Edition)
    by George Lucas

  3. 5.
    The Godfather (Widescreen Edition)
    by Francis Ford Coppola

  4. 6.
    Pulp Fiction (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
    by Quentin Tarantino

  5. 8.
    Fight Club (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
    by David Fincher

  6. 9.
    GoodFellas (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Martin Scorsese

  7. 10.
    The Matrix
    by Andy Wachowski

  8. 11.
    Jaws (Two-Disc 30th Anniversary Edition)
    by Steven Spielberg

  9. 12.
    The Usual Suspects
    by Bryan Singer

  10. 13.
    The Godfather, Part II (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)
    by Francis Ford Coppola

  11. 14.
    by Ridley Scott

  12. 15.

  13. 16.
    Gladiator (Three-Disc Extended Edition)
    by Ridley Scott

  14. 17.
    Aliens (Special Edition)
    by James Cameron

  15. 19.
    Casablanca (Snap Case)
    by Michael Curtiz

  16. 20.
    Back to the Future

  17. 21.
    Seven (New Line Platinum Series)
    by David Fincher

  18. 22.
    Heat (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Michael Mann

  19. 23.
    L.A. Confidential (Snap Case)
    by Curtis Hanson

  20. 24.
    Apocalypse Now Redux
    by Francis Ford Coppola

  21. 25.
    The Big Lebowski (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
    by Joel Coen

  22. 26.
    Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Orson Welles

  23. 27.
    Reservoir Dogs (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Quentin Tarantino

  24. 28.
    Die Hard (Widescreen Edition)
    by John McTiernan

  25. 29.
    Raging Bull (Special Edition)
    by Martin Scorsese

  26. 30.
    Some Like It Hot (Special Edition)
    by Billy Wilder

  27. 31.
    Lawrence of Arabia (Single-Disc Edition)
    by David Lean

  28. 32.
    Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)
    by Ridley Scott

  29. 33.
    2001 - A Space Odyssey
    by Stanley Kubrick

  30. 34.
    Jurassic Park (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
    by Steven Spielberg

  31. 35.
    E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Full Screen Collector's Edition)
    by Steven Spielberg

  32. 36.
    Batman Begins (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Christopher Nolan

  33. 37.
    Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (The Ultimate Edition DVD)
    by James Cameron

  34. 38.
    Lost in Translation
    by Sofia Coppola

  35. 39.
    The Silence of the Lambs (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
    by Jonathan Demme

  36. 41.
    Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Dee Austin Robertson

  37. 42.
    by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

  38. 43.
    Taxi Driver (Collector's Edition)
    by Martin Scorsese

  39. 44.
    Magnolia (New Line Platinum Series)
    by Paul Thomas Anderson

  40. 45.
    Toy Story (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by John Lasseter

  41. 46.
    Schindler's List (Widescreen Edition)
    by Steven Spielberg

  42. 49.
    Memento (Widescreen Two-Disc Limited Edition)
    by Christopher Nolan

  43. 50.
    Almost Famous
    by Cameron Crowe

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Created by jon_mason1 on Mar 29, 2006.


Greatest ever? — 6 years ago

C’mon. Pirates of the Caribbean? Yeek.

And about Silence of the Lambs — even Empire couldn’t mean us to watch some pan-and-scanned full screen version. You’d wanna put the widescreen, unedited movie in there instead.

This list is an accurate depiction of the mainstream appreciation of film — 6 years ago

Empire is a UK film review magazine that, although it tries to pretend it isn’t, is populist, hence the almost overwhelming lack of films by groundbreaking directors.

Good List! — 7 years ago

You have put a wonderful list together. How can the others omit such great favorites and winners like; Apocalypse Now, Lawrence of Arabia, Grease, Pretty Woman, Mad Max and Romeo & Juliet (Caprio/Danes) ? Well done!

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