Best Fantasy Books Of All Time

best fantasy books

We’ve had several masters in the art of creating believable mythical creatures and fantasy worlds that almost fee real to us. Some of the stories are told in a single book while others in a series of 2 to 14 books! Several fantasy books will forever remain favorites, and must-read for every fantasy lover before they die. Here is a list of the best fantasy books of all time. You will recognize most of them as a movie or TV series adaptations you have watched or books you have already read.

A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin

In this modern age classic, winter can last eons and summers can go for decades as the struggle for the “iron throne” rages on in the land of Westeros, which is filled with violence and magic. The series begins with “A Game of Thrones”.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

With nothing to live for, Shadow accepts employment from a mysterious man called Mr. Wednesday, and that’s where events and lives start to get strangely intertwined and myths become real!

The Axe and the Throne by M. D. Ireman

It’s the characters themselves that connect reality with fantasy in this masterfully crafted story with lots of “wait a minute?” moments. Annora, Keethro, Ethel, and Titon are the names that will forever be engraved in your mind.

Discworld by Terry Pratchett

It is the story of a parallel world (Discworld) that exists between reality and thought, but very different from ours in almost every aspect although some things remain the same or do they?

The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison

The war between the domineering Witchlanders and the residents of Demonland is never ending. The old setup that borrows heavily from Old Norse and Greek mythology will take you through bloody battles and familiar deities.

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

The challenging journey of a young orphaned wizard named Harry, who is destined to save both the world of magic and the world of “Nuggets” from the evil Voldemort. But first, he has to get some lessons at the Hogwarts School of Magic. With Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling made her name to the list of most recognizable and infuential British writers in the 20th century.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Join Frodo and clans of fairy tale creatures in a spiraling saga characterized by treachery and broken alliances in the fight between good and evil to save Middle-earth. J.R.R. Tolkien is considered one of the best British writers of all time.

The Bartimaeus Sequence by Jonathan Stroud

In the world where magicians from the elite ruling class and spirits can be enslaved, we follow the fast paced humorous adventures of the cantankerous and witty 5, 000 years old mid-class power djinn (Bartimaeus) and his new master Nathaniel who summons him from “the Other Place”.

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Shai’tan (Dark Lord) has escaped from the prison where he’d been locked up by the Creator, and it’s the work of the Aes Sedai and channelers to restore order and help defeat the Dark One and his Dark friends.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Final Empire is a region in a world known as Scadrial where all the main events in this series take place. The “Mistborn” are individuals who can use all the Allomantic powers gifted to them and their descendants for supporting the Lord Ruler while Mistings can only use one of the various skills.

The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers

In an attempt to get rid of the British powers, who have occupied Egypt, a group of magicians wishes to awaken the ancient god Anubis to destroy London. However, things don’t go as planned and they open a magical time portal.

The Dark Tower by Stephen King

Prepare for the wild fantasy ride of your life as a the “last gunslinger” encounters speaking demons, time traveling doorways and murderous cults in search of a magician known only as “the man in black” and the Dark Tower.

Troy Series by David Gemmell

The city of Troy has been torn apart by internal rivalry and enemies outside its walls are planning to plunder its wealth and bring it to its knees. A young prince, a priestess, and a warrior will change the history of a nation, forever!

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

This trilogy takes you through multiple universes and parallel worlds where armored bears, witches, souls guise as animals, angles, and soul-eating phantoms are part of normal life.

Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

A radical group led by a musician is in a quest to restore Tigana’s glory days and save the world from an evil sorcerer-ruler.

The Once and Future King by Terence Hanbury White

This Arthurian fantasy highlights the life of a great ruler as he is mentored by a wizard who ages backward, illicit affairs as well as the final downfall of a legend.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

Walk in through the wardrobe past the fur coats and into the world of Narnia. Have fun in a faraway land of magic, evil queens, kings, nymphs, monsters, fauns and talking lions.

The Avalon Series by Marion Zimmer Bradley

It is another Arthurian fantasy that is told from the perspective of a feminist lens. King Arthur and the other men take the second position in this detailed account of the isle of Avalon and its mysteries.

The Riddle-Master Trilogy by Patricia A. McKillip

The prince of a small island wins a crown from a ghost in a game of riddles and sets out to claim a princess as his price but is always attacked by shape-shifters along the way.

City Of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

One female spy has been sent to investigate the murder of a diplomat in the city of Bulikov where criminals vanish without a trace and stairs or alleyways lead nowhere since the defeat and death of the gods protecting the city.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

When things don’t look sound and crimes don’t make sense in the real world, it’s time for the Chicago Police Department to call in the only guy who brings strange non-human creatures to justice, private investigator Harry Dresden who is also a wizard.

Nos4r2 by Joe Hill

A woman uses a mystical teleporting bridge as a shortcut to take her anywhere she wants. She is investigating a supernatural child kidnapper who turns the children into little monsters to protect her son.

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

A boy bursts to escape bullies in the library, and he finds an interesting book that he can’t resist reading, so he steals it and heads to the attic. The boy soon becomes part of the adventure in the land of “Fantastica” and is living with dragons and a giant talking tortoise.

The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

Follow the protagonist Kvothe (a rural innkeeper, magician, and musician) through alternate realities filled with mystical creatures as he recounts events from his past to a chronicler. It’s a book of autobiographical series narrated in the first person.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Alice is busy chasing after what she thinks is a rabbit and ends up falling into a hole that happens to be a doorway to a strange world. A lot of Anthropomorphism is evident throughout the book with talking caterpillars and grinning cats.

Other fantasy books that deserve a mention:

  • Amber Chronicles (Roger Zelazny)
  • The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern)
  • The Lightbringer Trilogy (Brent Weeks)
  • The Inheritance Trilogy (N.K. Jemisin)
  • Raven’s Shadow (Anthony Ryan)
  • The Broken Empire series (Mark Lawrence)
  • The Elric Saga (Michael Moorcock)
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)
  • The Etched City (K.J. Bishop)
  • Chronicles of Prydain (Lloyd Alexander)
  • The Warded Man – Demon Cycle Series – (Peter V. Brett)
  • Elemental Logic (Laurie J. Marks)
  • The Merlin Quintet (Mary Stewart)
  • Prince of Nothing (R. Scott Bakker)
  • The Magicians Trilogy (Lev Grossman)
  • The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)


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