Easton Press's "The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written"

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"The most renowned works of literature by history’s greatest authors, as selected by the Editorial Advisory Board of Easton Press."

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  1. 1.
    Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics)
    by Jane Austen

  2. 2.
    20000 Leagues Under the Seas
    by Jules Verne

  3. 3.
    The Scarlet Letter (Penguin Classics)
    by Nathaniel Hawthorne

  4. 4.
    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Signet Classics)
    by Robert Louis Stevenson

  5. 5.
    Walden (Princeton Classic Editions)
    by Henry David Thoreau

  6. 6.
    Gulliver's Travels (Penguin Classics)
    by Jonathan Swift

  7. 7.
    Moby-Dick or, The Whale (Penguin Classics)
    by Herman Melville

  8. 8.
    A Farewell to Arms
    by Ernest Hemingway

  9. 9.
    The Red Badge of Courage
    by Stephen Crane

  10. 10.
    The Jungle Books (Signet Classics)
    by Rudyard Kipling

  11. 11.
    The Odyssey
    by Homer

  12. 12.
    The Pilgrim's Progress (Dover Thrift Editions)
    by John Bunyan

  13. 13.

  14. 14.
    Paradise Lost (Penguin Classics)
    by John Milton

  15. 16.
    Great Expectations (Penguin Classics)
    by Charles Dickens

  16. 17.
    Candide: Or, Optimism (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
    by Francois Voltaire

  17. 18.
    Oedipus Rex - Literary Touchstone Edition
    by Sophocles

  18. 19.

  19. 20.
    The Last of the Mohicans (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)
    by James Fenimore Cooper

  20. 21.

  21. 22.
    Cyrano de Bergerac (French Edition)
    by Edmond Rostand

  22. 23.
    The Canterbury Tales
    by Geoffrey Chaucer

  23. 24.
    Poems of Robert Browning: Riverside (Riverside Editions)
    by Robert Browning

  24. 25.
    Emerson's Essays
    by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  25. 26.
    The Portrait of a Lady (Penguin Classics)
    by Henry James

  26. 27.
    Uncle Tom's Cabin: Or, Life Among the Lowly (Signet Classics)
    by Harriet Beecher Stowe

  27. 28.
    Treasure Island (Sterling Classics)
    by Robert Louis Stevenson

  28. 29.
    Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Scholastic Classics)
    by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  29. 30.
    The Complete Poems of John Keats (Modern Library)
    by John Keats

  30. 31.
    The Origin Of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition
    by Charles Darwin

  31. 32.
    Don Quixote (Penguin Classics)
    by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

  32. 33.
    Robert Frost's Poems
    by Robert Frost

  33. 34.
    The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
    by Washington Irving

  34. 35.
    Animal Farm: Centennial Edition
    by George Orwell

  35. 36.
    Wuthering Heights (Norton Critical Editions)
    by Emily Brontë

  36. 37.
    She Stoops To Conquer
    by Oliver Goldsmith

  37. 38.
    Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck Centennial Edition)
    by John Steinbeck

  38. 39.
    The Karamazov Brothers (Oxford World's Classics)
    by Fyodor Dostoevsky

  39. 40.
    Les Miserables
    by Victor Hugo

  40. 41.
    The Iliad of Homer
    by Homer

  41. 42.
    Lady Chatterly's Lover
    by D.H.Lawrence

  42. 43.
    The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics)
    by Alexandre Dumas père

  43. 44.
    Brave New World
    by Aldous Huxley

  44. 45.
    Aesop's Fables
    by Jerry Pinkney

  45. 46.
    Lord Jim (Signet Classics (Paperback))
    by Joseph Conrad

  46. 47.
    The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
    by Benjamin Franklin

  47. 48.
    The Three Musketeers (Wordsworth Classics)
    by Alexandre Dumas pÃ..re

  48. 49.

  49. 50.
    The Aeneid (Vintage Classics)
    by Virgil

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Created by postcard on May 13, 2006.


Bible — 2 years ago

The very word “Bible” spells ‘book-of-books’ and that is not even listed. What kind of quacks are these idiotas?

Oh, I’m sorry what must I have been thanging it is a religious book therefore that is sufficient grounds to disqualify it. This is analogous to disqualifying blacks from juries, schools, parks, theaters, restaurants because they were black. There is always a bar to jump over when idiots get a say. I have a say, “Amen.”
The list suddenly has lost all credibility. This website is simply occupying space.

BULL — 4 years ago

Pride and Prejudice, and The Scarlet Letter, Are two of the most boring and dull books ever concieved.

????????????????????????!!! — 5 years ago

I wasn’t aware that to be considered a good book, it must be a classic-which is what this list is basically telling me. Ironically, The Scarlet Letter (#3), is my least favorite novel I have read. Where are the beloved books like ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’?

Untitled — 5 years ago

How can I uncheck an item? I checked a book by accident and I have not read it. I already tried, a pop windows appears saying “Are you sure you want to mark this item as unconsumed” to which I clicked Ok. But then it is still checked as consumed. Any ideas?? Thanks. (oh by the way sorry this is not directly related to the easton press’s list)

Untitled — 5 years ago

I don’t believe The Iliad by Homer belongs on this list, I recieved The Odyssey by Homer as part of this book club.

Untitled — 6 years ago

Changed the Chekhov plays to match the list source. Also reordered the list to match the source instead of alphabetizing. The alphabetization was all jacked up anyway.


Untitled — 7 years ago

Took the extra book off (Art of War). Also took off Shakespeare collections and added the individual plays that are supposed to be on the list.

Also added Lady Chatterly’s Lover and took off the critical analysis of it.

Untitled — 7 years ago

I think that the last two (Lolita and the art of war) doesn’t belong to the list.

Huh? — 7 years ago

Why are there 102 books on a list of 100? Which two don’t belong?

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