New York Times - Best 1000 Movies Ever (2004 ed)

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As the source says, "This list is drawn from the second edition of The New York Times Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made … edited by Peter M. Nichols and published in 2004."

Actually, there are a few more than 1000 on the list, perhaps because some were listed more than once—for example, Little Women of both 1933 and 1994 are listed.

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  1. 1.
    A Nous La Liberte (The Criterion Collection)
    by René Clair

  2. 2.
    About Schmidt
    by Alexander Payne

  3. 3.
    Absence of Malice
    by Sydney Pollack

  4. 4.
    Adam's Rib
    by George Cukor

  5. 5.
    Adaptation (Superbit Collection)
    by Spike Jonze

  6. 6.
    The Adjuster
    by Atom Egoyan

  7. 8.
    by Paul Schrader

  8. 9.
    The African Queen
    by John Huston

  9. 10.
    L'age D'or
    by Luis Buñuel

  10. 11.
    Aguirre, the Wrath of God
    by Werner Herzog

  11. 12.

  12. 13.
    by Jim Abrahams

  13. 14.
    Aladdin (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)
    by John Musker

  14. 15.
    Alexander Nevsky
    by Sergei M. Eisenstein

  15. 16.
    Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
    by Martin Scorsese

  16. 17.
    Alice's Restaurant
    by Arthur Penn

  17. 18.
    Aliens (Special Edition)
    by James Cameron

  18. 19.
    All About Eve
    by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

  19. 20.
    All About My Mother
    by Pedro Almodóvar

  20. 21.
    All Quiet on the Western Front
    by Lewis Milestone

  21. 22.
    All That Heaven Allows (The Criterion Collection)
    by Douglas Sirk

  22. 23.
    All the King's Men
    by Robert Rossen

  23. 24.
    All the President's Men (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    by Alan J. Pakula

  24. 25.
    by Milos Forman

  25. 26.
    Amarcord (The Criterion Collection)
    by Federico Fellini

  26. 27.
    by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

  27. 29.
    The American Friend
    by Wim Wenders

  28. 30.
    American Graffiti (Collector's Edition)
    by George Lucas

  29. 31.
    An American in Paris
    by Vincente Minnelli

  30. 32.
    The Americanization of Emily
    by Arthur Hiller

  31. 33.
    American Movie
    by Chris Smith

  32. 34.
    Amores Perros
    by Alejandro González Iñárritu

  33. 35.
    Anatomy of a Murder
    by Otto Preminger

  34. 36.
    The Angry Silence
    by Guy Green

  35. 37.
    Anna and the King of Siam
    by John Cromwell

  36. 38.
    Anna Christie
    by Clarence Brown

  37. 39.
    Annie Hall
    by Woody Allen

  38. 40.
    The Apartment
    by Billy Wilder

  39. 41.
    Apocalypse Now
    by Francis Ford Coppola

  40. 42.
    Apollo 13 (Widescreen 2-Disc Anniversary Edition)
    by Ron Howard

  41. 43.
    The Apostle

  42. 44.
    L' Argent
    by Robert Bresson

  43. 45.
    Ashes and Diamonds (Popiol i Diament)
    by Andrzej Wajda

  44. 46.
    The Asphalt Jungle
    by John Huston

  45. 47.
    L' Atalante
    by Jean Vigo

  46. 48.
    Atlantic City
    by Louis Malle

  47. 49.
    Au revoir les enfants - criterion collection
    by Louis Malle

  48. 50.
    L'Avventura (The Criterion Collection)
    by Michelangelo Antonioni

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how utterly mediocre.... — 5 years ago

……..silly silly list

Untitled — 5 years ago

I just saw Mother on this list. Really, New York Times, really?

Every time... — 6 years ago

…I look at this list, I hate it even more. I’m going to have to drop it.

Face to Face — 6 years ago

I replaced the incorrect Face to Face with the Ingmar Bergman film of the same name from 1976.

I can't believe ... — 6 years ago

… “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” didn’t make this top 1000 list.

Utterly incredible.

Untitled — 6 years ago

Well, hardly a great list. Should be more by Mizoguchi of course. I was at least pleasantly surprised to find The Well-Digger’s Daughter here; haven’t seen it for 25 years but brings back some good memories.

I Agree. — 6 years ago

This is hands down the worst list in this category.

39 Steps — 7 years ago

Someone needs to change 39 Steps to the Alfred Hitchcock version!!!

terrible list!! — 7 years ago

i can’t believe some of the choices on here. first I noticed that Buster Keaton’s The General wasn’t here (unforgivable). Then as I went I noticed there were absolutely no silent films. if they wanna call it the greatest movies ever made then maybe they should include the 30+ years before sound film.

also: Ruthless People?? really?

PS The 39 Steps should be changed to the correct 1935 Hitchcock version.

I just double checked... — 7 years ago

And this list is correct and in the proper order… Still, if anyone wants to go over it with a fine toothed comb, please do!

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