Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies"

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Cable channel Bravo’s picks as the biggest gutbuster flicks ever….

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  1. 51.

  2. 52.
    Meet the Parents
    by Jay Roach

  3. 54.
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    by John Hughes

  4. 55.
    Bull Durham
    by Ron Shelton

  5. 56.
    Young Frankenstein (Special Edition)
    by Mel Brooks

  6. 57.
    Swingers (Miramax Collector's Series)
    by Doug Liman

  7. 58.
    Private Benjamin (Full Screen Edition)
    by Howard Zieff

  8. 59.
    Police Academy - The Complete Collection
    by Alan Metter

  9. 60.
    When Harry Met Sally - Special Edition
    by Rob Reiner

  10. 61.
    by Alexander Payne

  11. 62.
    The Pink Panther
    by Blake Edwards

  12. 63.
    by Woody Allen

  13. 64.
    This Is Spinal Tap
    by Rob Reiner

  14. 66.
    Dazed and Confused
    by Richard Linklater

  15. 67.
    by Bobby Farrelly

  16. 68.
    Broadcast News
    by James L. Brooks

  17. 69.

  18. 70.
    The Nutty Professor
    by Jerry Lewis

  19. 71.
    by Fred Schepisi

  20. 72.
    Moonstruck (Deluxe Edition)
    by Norman Jewison

  21. 73.
    City Slickers
    by Ron Underwood

  22. 74.
    Trading Places (Widescreen Collection)
    by John Landis

  23. 75.
    Dumb and Dumber
    by Bobby Farrelly

  24. 76.
    by Ivan Reitman

  25. 77.
    Flirting With Disaster
    by David O. Russell

  26. 78.
    by Woody Allen

  27. 79.
    Three Amigos!
    by John Landis

  28. 80.
    Lost in America
    by Albert Brooks

  29. 81.
    Half Baked (Widescreen Special Edition)
    by Tamra Davis

  30. 82.
    by Sydney Pollack

  31. 83.
    Sister Act
    by Adam Greenberg

  32. 84.
    Silver Streak
    by Arthur Hiller

  33. 85.
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    by Frank Oz

  34. 86.
    Zoolander (Special Collector's Edition)
    by Ben Stiller

  35. 87.
    Kentucky Fried Movie
    by John Landis

  36. 88.
    Team America World Police
    by Trey Parker

  37. 89.
    Slap Shot (25th Anniversary Special Edition)
    by George Roy Hill

  38. 90.
    by Amy Heckerling

  39. 91.
    Revenge of the Nerds - Panty Raid Edition
    by Jeff Kanew

  40. 92.
    Father of the Bride (Snap Case)
    by Vincente Minnelli

  41. 93.
    The Aristocrats
    by Paul Provenza

  42. 94.
    Waiting for Guffman

  43. 95.
    Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (Rated Edition)
    by Danny Leiner

  44. 96.
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    by Mike Newell

  45. 97.
    Happy Gilmore (Widescreen Special Edition)
    by Dennis Dugan

  46. 98.
    School of Rock (Widescreen Edition)
    by Richard Linklater

  47. 99.
    The Birdcage
    by Mike Nichols

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Created by virga on Jun 02, 2006.


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Untitled — 6 years ago

most of the movies here suck

The Aristocrats — 6 years ago

Waiting on this from the library then I will have seen every one of these…

80s — 6 years ago

Lots of terrible 1980s movies on this list…

Please don't re-order the list — 7 years ago

While I agree this list is majorly flawed (Princess Bride only at #50? The Wedding Crashers on of the top 20 comedies of all time?), it is a fixed list by Bravo. Complain to them. Please do not re-order, delete, or add entries to the list. Thanks!

List Was Messed Up - Needed Overhaul — 7 years ago

Somehow, the list got totally messed up with about 30% of the films being ones NOT on the Bravo list and all of them out of order. I was able to set it all right after some work.

This is NOT an open list, but a fixed 100 per Bravo. (Not a great 100 mind you – any list of comedies that puts Meet the Fockers at #25 ahead of Young Frankenstein, Holy Grail, Austin Powers, and Office Space and even the original Meet the Parents is clearly a bit off. Frankly how is Meet the Fockers one of the 100 greatest comedies?)

Please do not add, remove, re-order the entries, but if you have other comedies that are missing, start your own comedy list!

A bit of international humour too? — 7 years ago

Since this is an OPEN list we will use “Bravo’s” list as a base. Humour is the key to health, they say “the different medicine”. Let us all add those movies that made us laugh …


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