wishingoneverything's "1001 crazy and fun things to do before you die"

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These are the things I want to do before I die, obiviously, and things I think will complete my life, some of these would not only change my life but hopefully influence the lives of others in a positive way. Some are selfish some are selfless, some are challenging and some are flat out stupid. If more people would actually pursue their dreams the world may be a happier and more fulfilled place. How many wish they could do some ridiculous things during their lifetime? Most people are not in fact living as life should be lived, but like the walking dead. Anyway these are my goals, ambitions, and weird desires…this list will probably never be complete and will never be finished. I will work on it my whole life and continue to add to it as i think of things….this list is nowhere near done…

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  1. 3.

  2. 4.
    Play the ultimate prank

  3. 5.
    Fall in Love at least once

  4. 6.
    buy my own car

  5. 7.
    Buy a house on my own

  6. 8.
    Get a kiss in the rain

  7. 9.
    do something for the fun of it

  8. 11.

  9. 12.
    stalk someone secretly for fun

  10. 14.
    go to a concert

  11. 17.

  12. 19.
    sleep in until 3

  13. 25.

  14. 27.

  15. 28.
    find my mission in life

  16. 29.

  17. 33.
    Live my life as free as possible

  18. 34.

  19. 35.
    visit every US state

  20. 36.
    be in two states at once

  21. 39.
    jump in a lake.

  22. 40.
    Go scuba diving

  23. 41.
    Wear pjs in public

  24. 43.

  25. 44.
    Wear Crazy clothes just because

  26. 48.

  27. 49.
    laugh when i should cry

  28. 50.
    laugh until you cry

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Created by wishingoneverything on Jun 20, 2006.


Untitled — 5 years ago

omg i don’t know when you made this list (probably a year ago or something like that) but i’m just now reading it, and i am not kidding, i have a list practically identical to this one in my journal. i am sitting here, looking at it right now. i never ever in my whole life thought that anyone would think of the same things that i want to do. it’s weird how alike they are. so i just wanted to tell you that you rock! it’s cool that you have this list too!!! :)

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