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There are so many goals where you look at it and think, I really want to pick that, but I am never seriously going to do it, and I have no more room left on my 43T list, so I figure, why not put them all together in a list so i at least feel satisfied that I have acknowledged their brilliance.

Let me know if you have any good ones that I can add to the list.

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  1. 12.
    quit having abstract thoughts

  2. 13.
    quickly split an infinitive

  3. 16.

  4. 17.
    live vicariously through Joel

  5. 19.
    have Joel's demon love child

  6. 20.
    fight for civil lefts

  7. 23.
    cause a zombie apocalypse

  8. 24.

  9. 27.
    spontaneously combust

  10. 28.
    be less spontaneous

  11. 30.

  12. 32.
    Be a Jedi Master

  13. 33.
    Have an underground lair

  14. 37.
    ride an ostrich

  15. 38.
    visit every state except Iowa

  16. 40.
    purchase guam

  17. 41.
    Go on a monopoly board pub crawl

  18. 42.

  19. 43.
    skydive in my underwear

  20. 44.
    Shrink Texas.

  21. 45.
    annoy an albatross

  22. 46.

  23. 47.
    barbecue a dinosaur

  24. 49.
    fax cheese

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Created by cranberrygoddess on Jul 02, 2006.


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awesome — 6 years ago

well, I now have a long list of stupid things to do this summer! thanks

Amazing! — 7 years ago

I can’t believe what wonderful fellow freaks there are in the world! What a great list!

Thanks for the laughs — 7 years ago

a great list to visit on a rainy day!

holy shit. — 7 years ago

3%. wow. xDD this is hilarious.

Nice — 7 years ago

This is my favourite list. Sadly, I’m only two percent done with it, and am unlikely to ever get much further.

YAY fun — 7 years ago



I feel... — 7 years ago

so flattered to have one that I came up with on this list (Tell the next Jehovahs witness to come to your door about a great spaghetti monster). That moment brought a smile to my face, well seeing all of these did really. Great list! Can’t wait to see what else you find!

I’m looking forward to faxing cheese and mailing a banana. Lol.

completing one of these goals every day — 7 years ago

is my new purpose in life.

awwww thankyou — 7 years ago

I didn’t think anybody would read it when I first started putting it together, I just hatted seeing all those clever goals flash past and not be captured in a form where I can revisit them.

But I shouldn’t really take the credit for the list, as I am merely the compiler, I don’t think a single goal on here was created by me.

I think of all the lists I saw on the ‘lists of bests’ page, this is the least achievable one (where are you going to get 100 gnomes, a dragon, and a pirate ship when you are drunk enough to know what to do with them? But that’s part of the beauty of it, it will stay up there longer because it is harder to achieve :P

what a wonderful idea! — 7 years ago

it brought a tear to my eye. and a smile to my face. (Actually, LOLRFLMAO, to be precise!;-)


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