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larkabee is working on 11 lists…

  1.'s Most Inspirational Movies  36% complete 
  2. Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts  33% complete 
  3. larkabee's "Places I Want to Take my Kids" 
  4. larkabee's "Cool Castles" 
  5. larkabee's "Roughly 500 Things to do Before You Die" 
  6. larkabee's "Favorite Vacation Spots" 
  7. larkabee's "International Places I Want to Visit" 
  8. larkabee's "Places with over-water bungalows" 
  9. larkabee's "Caribbean places I want to visit" 
  10. larkabee's "U.S. Places I Want to Visit" 
  11. larkabee's "The person I want to be" 

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